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Fifth Dimension

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    Concept Summary




Creating the                                                  . 

Fifth-Dimension           .


This Win-Win Business Structure 
Will Change the Corporate World
in many situations ,Replace the corporate world
Improve Your Life Dramatically



The Hybrid, Foundation/ Corporation Partnership 
is a Fifth Dimension,    Service-to-All    Business Structure.

It's by far, the best economic revitalization process
ever proposed by anyone, anywhere. 

Let us show you a new,
incredibly simple,
Foundation / Corporation Partnership
Business  Management Structure

that will return billions of dollars
to the working class and
give equal priority to all four of these factors:
1) corporate employees,
2) corporate  customers,
3) making a profit
4)  the environment.     

It will also
put an end to outsourcing American jobs
to foreign countries.    

Are you interested?  

How this is accomplished is described below.    
It's incredibly simple to set up.  

It's a vast improvement over
the existing corporate business formats.  
Present-day corporate business  are based on service to self
at the expense of every one and everything else

This  concepts belongs to  We-The-People.   
With grace and ease,
it can smoothly convert the basic structure
of any already-existing corporation 
(service to self  businesses)  into
a Fifth Dimension  Business Structure
that expresses Service to All.  

Once this business format is in common use, it will
completely eliminates the need for taxes.   
Because business profits
go wherever the foundation directs them.  
They no longer all go to the super wealthy
or to government as taxes.   

It's NOT used by our so-called leaders  
for four main reasons:   

1)   Because it would eliminate corporate  profits
       going the super-wealthy.  

2)   Because  present-day corporations
        are strictly  service to self oriented,  and
       are not interested in serving the well being of the people.

3)   Because the bankers who, in 3rd-d., control everything
cannot control, buy, stop, or significantly interfere with
the 5th-D. Foundation/ Corporation Business Structure
or its creations or its functionality.  

4) Because this  concepts
belongs completely and toally to  We-The-People.   





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(o)>   The Old Versus the New - What's the Difference      

(o)>   Bypassing the Bureaucracy     

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(o)>    An Invitation to Corporate Executives     

(o)>   Six Easy Steps into the New Corporate World   

(o)>   Then the Real Transformation Begins   

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(o)>   The Most Obvious Results       

(o)>   The Major Benefits    

(o)>   Why this Change Is Critical and Urgent   

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(o)>   A Mind Boggling Benefit   

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(o)>   Notes and References      




  Overview / Summary



There are three major ways to create
the New Corporate World Business Structure.  

***   The first  is when both the corporation and
         the foundation are newly created.  

***   The second is when an existing  foundation
        creates a for-profit corporation,
        such as in our role model partnership.  
        TLC-Life-Center, an existing N.P.O.
         creates a for profit corporation: 
        The Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services.

***   The third  (described below)
         is when an existing corporation
         sets up an independent, partnering foundation.  

Any corporation
(simple when the corporation has publicly traded stock)  
any corporation can,
by free will choice,
set up a partnering, independently-controlled, foundation.  
The profit-making corporation  and 
the newly-created foundation 
work together as a team.  

By way of a very simple, easy-to-implement process,
the foundation slowly becomes
the controlling stockholder.  

How is this accomplished? 
Each month, the profit-making company
donates a small percentage of its profits
to this foundation,
such as a portion of the money
it normally donates to charity.  

The foundation uses this money
to buy stocks in its partner corporation.  
During the initial phase,
the foundation uses the dividends from owning the stocks
to buy more stocks in its partner corporation.    

When the foundation has acquired
a controlling interest in the corporation,
the corporation and the foundation,
functioning as a team, and
redefine the corporation's reason for being.  

This allows the corporation to redirect its profits
to the highest good for all concerned in the long run.  
The foundation works on behalf of
its named beneficiaries.  

The corporations focuses on creating wealth,
producing high-quality goods and services,
selling its goods and/or services at a fair price,
rewarding its employees financially
and with other benefits, and
by being responsible for prober
recycling of its waste products, thus,
minimizing its negative effect
upon the environment.  

Instead of all the profits going to
the outside money lenders,
(the traditional corporate stockholders) 
most of the profits stay with the corporation
and its partnering foundation.  
The corporation, with the advisement of the foundation,
can spend much of its profits
for the benefit of employees, for the environment, and/or
for any causes they are inspired to support.  

The excess profit money is donated to the foundation.  
The foundation uses the money for it's intended purpose
and at least ten percent goes into
the foundation's expansion fund.  
The foundation uses the other 90% of the profits
to service its named beneficiaries.    
The corporate  money can be used
in the following ways.    

***  To create healthy, safe working environments,  

***  To financially reward foundation management
        and employees
        at rates that are just, fair, and equitable, and
        that are in line with the amount of money required
        to produce comfortable and sustainable
        living conditions,  

***  To rebuild, re-model, update,
        and/or replace the company's infrastructure.  

Here are some other benefits:  

***  Products presently, intentionally designed
        to break down and fall apart
        can be replaced by high quality products
        designed for maximum use-life,
        for maximum efficiency,
        and also designed with end-of-life
        recycling in mind,  

***  Instead of price-gouging its customers,
        product prices can accurately reflect
        product-production costs, and
        be sold at a fair price. 

***   Proper consideration can also be given
        to these factors:
        1) corporate employees,
        2) corporate  customers,
        3) making a profit
       4)  the environment.     

***  The 5d Business Structure
       will dramatically reduce the amount of money
        going to the middle men.  
        In the 3d world, most of this money goes to
        the Wall Street speculators and to the bankers.    

***  Corporations will be able to
       minimize their negative impact on the environment.  

***   The constant need to produce a short-term profit
         will simply disappear.  

***   The never-ending war between labor and management
         will also end.  

***   Excessive pay to top management
         will be replaced by fair compensation for all employees.  

***   Outsourcing American Jobs to foreign countries
         in order to make more money
         will simply become an archaic relic.    

The Hybrid, Foundation/ Corporation Partnership 
is a Fifthe Dimension Business Structure.

It's by far, the best economic revitalization process
ever proposed by anyone, anywhere. 





Note the Major Differences  



The Old System:  
In a traditional, independent corporation,
the stock holders are the ultimate controllers.  
The term "stockholder" is simply
another name for money lender.  
Stockholders are commonly outsiders
whose interest is usual profit money
and only profit money.  

The money lenders demand profits which they take.  
Thus, a major portion of the corporation earnings
are siphoned off to pay the money lenders.
Employees and the environment
are all but completely ignored.    

Do you know where the bankers
(the money lenders)
get the money they loan to governments,
corporations and home buyers?      

The New System:  
The Fifth Dimension Foundation's 
Hybrid Business Structure
most of the money lenders are replaced
by the foundation.  
The foundation is the controlling stockholder.  
The foundation has a very different intention than
a traditional corporate stockholder.  
Instead of taking the money and ignoring

the corporation's employees, its customers,
society at large, and the environment,
the foundation is,
by design and by the  intention of its creators,
focused on the well-being of everybody.  

For example, if the partnering corporation
decides to spend $500,000 building a new school
for the local community,
there will be no stockholders complaining
and demanding money. 

If the partnering corporation sets up
a dental and eye care clinic
for its employees and their families,
will be no stockholders
complaining and demanding money.  

nlike the traditional corporation,
he partnering corporation, itself,
can be a huge, deep pocket
public server of  We-The-People.  
The foundation can have a very specific project
as its main point of focus;
such as
the specific project of our role model partnership,

The Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services  

In this case the people are indirect beneficiaries.  
The foundation can also have people
as its direct beneficiaries,
such as a retirement investment management foundation

The foundation can be for any number of purposes
as long as it is within the IRS guidelines and is for: 
"Religious, Charitable, Scientific,
Testing for Public Safety, Literary,
or Educational purposes."  





Bypassing the Bureaucracy

o. o. t



The Creation: 
Our Founding Fathers designed a social and political system
where the government served the people.  
The intention was for the government to provide
the things that were for the collective good but
were too cumbersome or too hard
to be efficiently produced and paid for by the private sector.  
Examples are schools, highways, bridges, canals,
harbors, water systems, sewer systems, and the like.  

This system is called the nation's infrastructure.  
It became the heart, the backbone and
the foundation of our nation.  
It allowed the United States to become
the most successful nation on the planet.  
The intention was for your tax money to pay for these services.  


The Destruction:
Unfortunately, over the years,
the Money lenders (the Cabal
have taken over the government and turned it into
a system that serves the super-wealthy instead of the people.  
In the name of making more money,
the nations infrastructure has been allowed to deteriorate
to the degree that, at this point,
it has become seriously dysfunctional.  


The Restoration:
By applying the New Fifth Dimension 
Foundation / Corporation Partnership Business Structure
the corporation/foundation partnership
can bypass the bureaucracy.  
Collectively, these partnerships will have enough wealth
to easily pay for the nations infrastructure restorations.   Corporations can become the source of money to do the things that present-day bureaucracy can't or won't do.  

Under this partnering system,
foundations and corporations will have money to spend 
and they will also have local control of that money.  
They will no longer have to limit their activities
because some outside stockholder demand it.  


The Fifth Dimension Business Structure can be used
to completely eliminates the need for taxing the people.
Here's just one simple example:

Suppose a group of We-The-People decided to use the
5d Foundation/ Corporation Partnership Business Structure
to offer auto insurance and home insurance
for everyone in California. 
Instead of the super wealthy
price gouging customers and taking all the money, 
We-The-People would own all the profits.  
They could use the money to pay for
The Ultimate Worth Cause and
anything else deemed a benefit for We-The-People.
(more on this concept later)   


The Bottom Line:
This process bypasses much of the government absurdity.   
It bypasses the government's bureaucratic bungling.  
It bypasses special interest favoritism.  
It eliminates the incredible inefficiency. 
It eliminates the constant fighting for control.  
It eliminates secret thievery by paying their fellow criminals
      outrageous prices for products and services.  
It eliminates heartlessness, graft, corruption, 
     and the complete lack of common sense  --
     and the list goes on.  

Existing corporations that adopt
the corporation/foundation partnership management system
become financially-independent entities.  


The corporate/foundation partnership business system
is self-regulating.  
When you examine the  pages describing this concept,
The Company Policies,
 Foundation Structure 
The  Foundation Bylaws.  

you'll see that corporate management secrecy
and unbridled power are simply not possible
in this new business format.  


The Wealthy Keep Their Wealth     The Wealthy Keep Their Wealth 

There Are No Losers:  
There's another reason why this partnership
is so different from any other major redistribution of wealth
 that has ever occurred.  
There are no losers!  
Using this system, the super-wealthy
get to keep all their wealth.  
They just can't steal any more.  
Everybody wins.  

Some claim that the super-wealthy
should be stripped of most of their wealth. 
Such action is not only unnecessary,
it's also extremely  counterproductive. 

First, creating new wealth
under the corporate/foundation partnership system
is incredibly easy. 

Second, the 5d corporate /Foundation Partnership
creates so much wealth that
nobody cares how much someone else has.  

Third, in a fully functioning Service to All society,
there is so much wealth that money is obsolete and useless.  

Fourth, the moment you make someone a bad guy,
you lose the focus on your creation process,

Fifth, by attempting to take someone else's money,
you would create a huge body of highly powerful enemies,

Sixth, creating a fight is in direct violation of
the universal laws of intentional creation.  

No one who understands how the universe functions
would ever suggest such a dysfunctional idea.  






An Invitation to Present Corporate Executives 



1)   As a member of an already existing
corporate management team,
assign one of your staff to research
the validity of this concept.  
Direct him/her to closely examine this concept,
to read this website and to examine: 

The Company Policies,
 Foundation Structure 
The  Foundation Bylaws.  
and our role model corporate/foundation partnership at: 
The Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services
       And the page describing the benefits of foundations at:

After you know the full scope of what is being offered,
then decide whether or not  it's in your own
and in everybody else's best interest
to be a part of the Fifth Dimension World
where everybody is included and everybody wins.  

Ask your board of directors if they care about
the lives of their children and grandchildren. 
Then ask them if they'd like to:    

      a)   Take back control of the company from the money interests,  
      b)   Increase their company's profits,  
      c)    Expand their power and influence in the corporate world, 
       and at the same time, 
      d)   Be in a position to play a significant role in
        Saving the lives of their family members
        and their fellow employees?    

2)   When they say, "Yes,” 
have your corporation, by free will choice,
set up a partnering, independently-controlled foundation. 
Then simply apply the six steps  described below.  

The TLC-Life-Center Websites provide a set of
rules and guidelines for living in the Fifth Dimension.  
The Company Policies,
The  Foundation Structure 
The  Foundation Bylaws. 
provide clear rules and guidelines 
for the functioning of both
the foundation and the Corporation.  
Safety precautions are also included
to prevent misuse or misdirection of funds.







The new format is amazingly simple to set up.  
Its potential is  far-reaching and profound.  
Here are the six steps:  

1) The existing corporation creates an independent foundation.  
Initially,the function of the foundation
is to take control of the corporation
out of the hands of the the money lenders.    

2) Each month, the foundation donates
a small percentage of its profits to the foundation,
such as a portion of the money it presently donates to charity.  

3)  The foundation uses the money
to buy stock in its partnering corporation.  

4)  In the beginning stages, the foundation uses
the profit money from its stock
to buy more stock in its partnering corporation.  

5)  When the foundation has acquire enough stock
to have controlling interest in the corporation,
the corporation and the foundation, functioning as a team,

and change the corporation's reason for being. 
The profits-at-any-price ceases to be
thecorporations reason for being.  
The bankers are no longer in control. 
The focus shifts away from
profits only at the expense of everyone and everything else.     

6)   The corporation is now free to use the profit money
for any reason that fits into the category of
"For the highest good for all concerned in the long run."





When the foundation has acquired
a controlling interest in the corporation,
he focus of the corporation shifts from profits to people.  
illions of dollars presently being paid out as interest
on corporate loans (debt service -- payments to stockholders)
will then be re-directed to the greater good of all concerned.  

Wherever the new business structure is in place,
the people who actually create the wealth own the profits
Stop reading for a moment and
imagine the profound social transformations
that this change will bring
To help stimulate your imagination,
we've listed a few benefits in the section below. 






The Corporation:   Since there will be far fewer stockholders, a significant portion of the company profits can then used for whatever purposes the corporation choose, providing it falls within the category of "The highest good for all concerned in the long run.  

The Foundation:   Because the foundation is the major stockholder, excess profit moneys are donated to the foundation.   The foundation uses most the money for its intended purposes.   It places at least ten percent of the that money in it's endowment investment fund.   The profits from the fund are used for its named beneficiaries.  

With its endowment fund, not only will the foundation be able to provide for its named beneficiaries, it will become free from the traditional foundation requirement of begging for money.   It will soon become financially independent.   It will also have the potential to become a financial powerhouse, particularly when it functions in cooperation with other corporate/foundation partnerships.  

Teamwork:   Imagine ten or twenty corporation/foundation partnerships pooling their resources and focusing on a single problem all at the same time.   The TLC-Life-Center website titled  Saving the Last of the Virgin Redwood Forests offers an example of what they could accomplish.    

The Corporate Money Can be Used:   

     To create healthy safe working environments,  

     To financially reward management and employees at rates that are  just, fair, and equitable, and that are in line with the amount of money required to produce sustainable living conditions,  

     To rebuild, re-model, update, and/or replace the company's infrastructure,  

     To produce highest possible quality products and/or services and sell them at a fair price,  

    To set up and fund an independent, employee-owned retirement trust,

     To reduces as much as possible, the corporation's carbon footprint by reducing it's pollution production, by building it's products with end-of-life recycling in mind,  and by properly recycling its waste products  

Are you aware that there is no such thing as linear, end-of-the-line trash disposal.  Nothing has a finite end.   Nature Recycles Everything without exception. 

   To participate in the Reversal of Global Warming.  

     To purchase any remaining outstanding stock as it becomes available.  

Additional Benefits:   

      Outsourcing American Jobs to foreign countries in order to make more money will simply become an archaic relic.  

     Excessive pay to top management will be replaced by fair compensation for all employees.  

     The constant need to produce a short-term profit will pass into history.  

     The hundred-year-old war between labor and management will also disappear.  

The Bottom Line:   

The New Corporate World Foundation's Hybrid Business Structure  is by far, the best economic revitalization process yet proposed by anyone, anywhere.  

If you can suggest anything that can provide equal or greater mutual benefits, or  even  anything that is remotely close, please contact us.   We'd like to hear about your concept.  




The Major Benefits  


The Corporate/foundation partnership will bringing money and financial stability back to the middle class.   It will spearhead the re-vitalization and re-assertion of the middle class.   The New Corporate World Foundation's Hybrid Business Structure is light years ahead of any other business structure.   Here are a few more of its benefits.   It will:

     Financially re-empower the middle class,

     Bring about a major, peaceful redistribution of wealth,

     Make  major reductions of the scourge on society called debt,   

     Provide a sound financial foundation for corporate employees,

     Create happier, healthier, more productive employees,

     Produce higher quality products and services,  and

     Take a major step toward the Reversal of Global Warming.   




Why This Change is Critical and Urgent



There are two major reasons for urgency, one is environmental, the other is social/economic/political.  


***   Change is urgent because humans have turned on Nature’s Doomsday Machine and set in motion dozens of highly-destructive Global Climate Changes.   Unless we institute major changes to turn it back off within the next five to eight years, it will become unstoppable.   Here are the results of ignoring this problem and allowing Global Climate Change to reach the point of becoming unstoppable:

(o)>   The Earth’s temperature will rise about eighteen degrees Fahrenheit.  

(o)>   The ocean level will rise by about forty feet forcing billions of people out of their homes.  

(o)>   Mountain snow caps will melt leaving over thirty percent of the world’s population without fresh water in the dry season.  

(o)>   Billions of people will likely die of environmental exposure or starvation.   

(o)>   Most large life forms on the entire planet will become extinct.   

***   N. C. World's win-win business structure offers a major tool for turning Nature's Doomsday Machine back off. 

***   The Rapture is not the answer.   There's no super-human God living in the sky who is going to save us.    The Rapture is a con-artist-created,  un-provable, mind-bending, religious fairytale  created by Cyrus T. Scofield in the 1880s in order to increase donations to his ministry.  

***   The lives of your children and grandchildren are on the line.  

But don't believe us.   Don't disbelieve us either.  Examine the evidence: 

    PBS -- Nova -- Dimming the Sun:  

    PBS -- Nove -- Extreme Ice:  
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/extremeice/program.html  <><><> 


Social / Economic / Political:  

Change is urgent because our present business structure of exploitation economics is reached the point where  the United States government is being turned into a corporate dictatorship  -- A dictatorship bought and paid for by ultra-conservative, right-wing, big-money interests.   Have you noticed that Republican politicians are doing everything they can to favor the super-wealthy at the expense of everything and everyone else? Have you noticed that the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts are using the mindless Rapture-believing, fundamentalist Christians to gain political control of governments at every level in the U.S.  

If the move from a people's democracy to a corporate dictatorship continues unabated in the United States, even if you are wealthy, the corporate greed will soon gobble you up, too.   The corporate takeovers will continue until everything is owned by a very few giant, mindless, corporate, machines and run by a handful of psychopaths who are also Money & Profit /Dopamine Addicts.   

Reference:   America's Home-Grown Dictatorship




A Mind Boggling Benefit


What we're about to share with you is so far out of mainstream thinking the most people can't even imagine it as a possibility.  So, before you discount this as a wild fairytale, we recommend that you examine the evidence. 

And  one other thing,  We challenge you to prove us wrong!  

Go to the TLC-Life-Center website: 

Read the section titled  
Creating a Public-Service Banking System -- A four-phase approach to ending the home foreclosure crisis and re-designing the banking and financial systems.   

As part of that section, notice that the home foreclosure crisis could be ended in a mater of day by following the example of Carol Satyavant.

The Website,    Learn-From-History.com,
 was taken off line as part of the Cabal attack
on my 67 separate websites.
It has not yet been publically expredssed
 on my new famioy of websites




Additional Web Pages



To read a clear and concise definition of our reason for being, readers are directed to the section titled: Our Reason for Being.    

To obtain a clear,  A  to Z  picture of the project and its benefits, readers are directed to an interview with the projects creator:

     Benefits of the Project Presented in an Interview Format    

Imagine working for a company that actually did this.     Imagine living in a world where corporations work in harmony with their employees,  their customers, the remaining stockholders and the environment.   Imagine yourself living in The New Corporate  Business Structure. 



Notes and References:


Editor's Note:   The proposal presented on this web page has been published on one or more of the TLC-Life-Center Websites since January 12, 2008.      


**11    A cure for the disease called debt  

**22     Money, power, and control

 **33    Stocks are tools of the world's money manipulators.  



Corporate / Foundation Design and Structure 

(1)>    Changing the Way the World Does Business   <--  You are here.

(2)>   Foundation Structure  

(3)>   Foundation Bylaws 

(4)>   Company Policies   

(5)   N.C. World  in Interview Format  
          New Corporate World Foundation's 
          Win-Win Business Structure   
          Presented in an Interview Format.





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