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Win Win Business Structure

Presented in an Interview Format.






Are you ready for:

(o)>   A major, peaceful redistribution of wealth,  

(o)>   The re-assertion and re-empowerment of the middle class,  

(o)>   A cure for the disease called debt,   

(o)>   Happier, healthier, more productive employees,   

(o)>   A sound financial base for corporate employees,  

(o)>   Higher quality products and services,  

(o)>   An end to that ongoing war between labor and management,

(o)> A major step toward the Reversal of Global Warming?

If your answer is yes, welcome to

The New Corporate World Foundation's 

Win-Win Business Structure

o. o. t




What Is Our Vision

What we intend to create and accomplish



It's Too Good to Be True:    We are proposing a simple change in the present corporate business structure -- a change that is incredibly simple to implement - a change that will produce results that are way beyond profound.  

At first glance you're going to say this  is way too good to be true  Before you come to any conclusion, we invite you to examine the evidence.   If you examine the evidence and still doubt the potential of this simply change, we challenge you, or anybody else, to prove us wrong.  

The page below is an in-depth discussion of this proposal written in an interview format.  

Corporate/Foundation Partnerships:   The process revolves around creating a corporation/foundation partnership.   A clear and succinct description of this proposal can be found at: 

Wealth Distribution Out of Balance:  As you well know by now, the distribution of wealth has gotten way out of balance.   Almost all of the wealth is held by a very small group of people.   It got that way because the system is being run by men who are addicted to making money.  

Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts:    Are you aware of the fact that snorting cocaine and making large amounts of money both stimulate the same part of the human brain.   This simple fact of life tell us that the men running the financial institutions are  Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   Addicts, regardless of the source of the addiction, make very poor decisions.  Why?   Because feeding their addiction is the only thing that maters to an addict.  

No Fight.   No Fix.   Instead, Create:   We cannot fix their addiction or change what they do, but we can create a new financial system that takes  them out of positions where they have total and absolute control of the nation's wealth.   The corporate/foundation partnership business system will do exactly that.  

The Page Below is an in-depth discussion of this proposal.  

You can also examine the website which describes how we are presently applying this new format to resolve a major social, political, economic, and environmental problem:    http://www.CAHR-Foundation.com 







The New Corporate World

Regardless of what the causes are, all of us on the planet are experiencing the beginning to intermediate stages of some potentially disastrous, life-altering, environmental transformations.   We cannot simply say,  "We didn't cause these changes, therefore we can ignore them.”   Regardless of the cause, if we ignore these changes, they will produce some extremely destructive and irreversible consequences.

Question:    Tell me about The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure.   What is it?   

Rev. Coté:    The N. C. W.'s  Win-Win Business Structure    is a powerful, financial-transformation tool.   It's simple,  easy-to-implement, and it has incredible potential for bringing money and financial stability back to the middle class.   It can be likened to what Robert Fulton's steam engine did for long-distance travel --  to what Henry Ford's "Model A Ford" did for personal transportation -- and  to what the Wright brothers' airplane did for aviation. 

Question:    Please give us an overview of the project.  

Rev. Coté:    It's now possible, with relative ease and simplicity for almost any profit-oriented corporation that has publicly traded stock to make a major shift in the context in which it does business.   This new context joins a corporation with a foundation to create a win-win partnership.   Using a very simple technique, the foundation slowly acquires stock in the corporation and eventually becomes the controlling stockholder.  

This partnership  takes ultimate control out of the hands of a single, unsupervised corporate CEO.   It shifts corporate concern from profits only to a much broader focus.  The corporate profits can be used for the benefit of all and not just moved into the vaults of the super-wealthy.   The corporation will have a significant amount of money and with the "blessing" by it's major stockholder, the corporation can be a major donor to social service causes.  

It can also direct a significant amount of money into the foundation's endowment/investment fund.  Excess profits go to the foundation to be use for the benefit of the foundation's named beneficiaries.   It's incredibly simple to do and yet the implication are far-reaching and profound.  

Question:    What will be the result? 

Rev. Coté:   The result will be a major, peaceful redistribution of wealth  --  the re-assertion of the middle class  --  a cure for the disease called debt       --  happier, healthier, more productive employees --  higher quality products and services -- an end to that ongoing war between labor and management,  and a major step toward the Reversal of Global Warming.   (Too Good to Be True

Executives who choose to make this change will become leaders in The New Corporate World.   They will be able to run  their company without being dominated by the Wall Street moguls whose only interests are money, power, and control.   

Through a team effort, the corporate leaders can then do what they believe is in everybody's best interest, including their own best interest and that of the corporation's management, their employees, their customers, the remaining stockholders and the environment.     

In this format, everyone gets a fair share of the pie.   Imagine a world where domination is replaced by cooperation.

Question:    How is that possible?        The Six Steps         The Six Steps        ...

Rev. Coté:    Here are the six, simple steps.

1)  Ask the leaders of the company you work for  (or the leaders in any corporation) if they'd like to:  
a)   Take back control of their company from the money interests
Increase their company's profits,  
c)    Expand their power and influence
in the corporate world,
        and at the same time, 
d)   Be in a position to play a significant role in Reversing Global Warming.  

2)   When they say, "Yes,”  and ask, “How?” 
Invite them  to set up an, independently controlled, non profit Foundation.

3   Then, each month, their company donates a small percentage of its profits to this foundation.   One source of the funding will come from re-directing a portion of the money they commonly give to charity. 
Reference:    Additional Source of the funding 

4)   The foundation uses this money to buy stock in their company.  

5)   In the beginning stage, the foundation uses the profits from owning the stock to buy more stock in their company.   

6)    When the foundation holds controlling interest in the  corporation and the foundation  (functioning as a team)  can redefine the corporation's reason for being.   That's when the real transformation can begin.   At that point, the corporate leaders, the foundation leaders, and the employees join forces and re-focus the company onto the well-being of all concerned. 

They are no longer at the effect of money lenders.   They can "kiss Wall Street goodbye."   They are then working as a team for the the mutual benefit of all concerned.   In this partnership format, corporations can easily afford to:

1)   Be generous to their employees in terms of salaries and benefits,

2)   Create high-quality products and/or services for their customers, 

3)   Sell their products and services at costs lower than competitors, 

4)   Reduce their negative affect upon the environment, and

5)   Still offer a reasonable return to their remaining stockholders. 

The Foundation can be set up for any purpose they choose as long as it serves the general good of the people and is (as defined by IRS) for "Religious, Charitable, Scientific, Testing for public safety, Literary, or Educational purposes."  

Question:    How will this protect the foundation's funds from being mismanaged?  

Rev. Coté:    The Foundations Bylaws will be carefully written to insure that everyone gets a fair share of the benefits.

Question:    What are the advantages                                          advantages        ...

Rev. Coté:    Here are the most obvious results.   For those corporations that choose to participate: 

1)   The demands for short-term profits will no longer dominate corporate leadership.   

2)   Fighting between labor and management over money will be  replaced by cooperation and mutual support.

3)   Corporate leaders can  end the exploitation and needless destruction of the Earth's natural resources  that belong to all of us.   

4)   Corporate leaders be able to focus on the needs, desires, and requirements of  their employees.  

5)  Corporations will be able to make higher-quality products and provide better service to their customers.  Price gouging of customers will also end.

6)   Corporate leaders will be in positions to make a significant contributions to the Reversal of Global Warming

7)  Corporations will still be able to satisfy their investor's requirements for profits.      (Too Good to Be True   

Another significant plus to this project is that when the project begins to prove itself in the external world, many of the stockholders whose only interest is profit will also realize that:

1)    the changes are in their own, long-term, best interest, and 

2)   the changes are inevitable, 

As a result of this new awareness, they will very likely proxy their corporate vote to the foundation.  This will significantly speed up the transformation process.

Question   What if we don't create The New Corporate World? 

Rev. Coté:    Humanity will not have the capacity to make the necessary changes in time to avoid major, global-level environmental disaster.  


See the Section below titled:

We Have turned on Nature's Doomsday Machine 


Question:    Why do you say that corporations are the key to resolving our environmental problems? 

Rev. Coté:    Because the World Foundation's corporations have   the means,   the motive,   the talent,   the opportunity,   the resources,   the ability, and  the freedom to make major changes in the fundamental fabric of society, including the Reversal of  Global Warming.   As currently structured, they lack only one ingredient.

Question   And what is that ingredient? 

Rev. Coté:    How to do so and still satisfy their investor's requirements for profits.   This problem is solvable by utilizing the proposed win-win business structure.   Please remember that this is just one step in a highly complex process.    NCW will make major changes in the way corporations do business.   This will have a major impact on the world's monetary system.    Changing the world's monetary system will set the stage for many additional changes.   This simple, initial step will have a rippling effect that will alter the entire world.   It will also play a major role in the Reversal of Global Warming.   

Three Percent Solution          Three Percent Solution      ...

Question:    Are you saying that creating The New Corporate World  (NCW)   is the answer to the world's problems?    

Rev. Coté:    No.  The problem is much too complex to have a single answer.   However, creating The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  is a major step in the right direction.      Please view our websites for an extensive explanation.






It's Wakeup Time          ...2

It's Wakeup Time

Question:    Ok, then tell me what this will cost me?

    The cost to you is:  
Zero-Dollars   Cost-Free    $0.00 - Free.
All you have to do is notice that life is not 
what you have been and are being told that it is.   

Question:    What do you mean by that?

Rev. Coté:    It means that we have to stop living as if our favorite fairytales were true and  see life on Earth the way the evidence tells us it is.   If humanity is to survive at any level of our present civilization, we must let go of our dysfunctional beliefs about reality.

Reference One:   The Not-So-Secret  Nature of Realty 
Reference Two:   The Great God, Money  
Reference Three:   An Interview with the Devil

Question:    What kind of beliefs?  Can you give us an example?

Rev. Coté:    Yes, several of them  --  beliefs such as:  "We can destroy the environment and not reap the consequences."  "Violence solves problems."   "Humans are separate from God, separate from nature, and separate from each other."   And dozens more.    The hardest part of creating The New Corporate World  is getting people to stretch beyond their normal prison of limiting beliefs  and see all the possibilities that are available to them. 

Another thing to consider is that this is not something that one individual can do on his/her own.   It's a proposal for a social transformation.   The social transformation is being lead by a few free-thinking leaders.   Our Goal is to bring corporate leaders on board.  

Question:    Why would anyone want what you are proposing? 

Rev. Coté:    Because collectively, we have to make major changes in order to survive.   Creating The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  is one of the best choices available at the moment for both the super-wealthy and for everyone else as well.  

Question   So you have the magic formula?

Rev. Coté:    No.   NCW  is  NOT a magic formula.  It's NOT  a silver bullet or life's elixir.   It is, however, a major step in the right direction.   Changing the way corporations run their businesses is not the end in itself,   It is an important piece of a much  bigger picture, and it's an excellent next step.  

(You're invited to participate.  Find out how this change will impact your personal life at:

Question:    How is this related  to  Reversing Global Warming?  

Rev. Coté:    Corporations are among the major creators of the environmental pollutants and are major contributors to Global Warming.   Because their main focus is presently on money at the expense of everything else, they are not taking care of the environment.   

When businesses choose to  become part of The New Corporate World , money will no longer be their sole driving force.   Environmental  concerns will be in their rightful place as part of the matrix




Present Role of  Corporations                        ...3

The Tax Revenue Benefit

Question:    You didn't mention the tax revenue benefit.  How come? 

Rev. Coté:    Because it didn't occur to us.   Thanks for bringing that to my attention.   Let me ask you a question.   What do you see as tax revenue benefits?

Question:    When the corporate employees become financially stable, they will be making more money than ever before.   That will increase the nation's  tax base.   They will also stimulate the economy with their additional spending.   That, too, will increase the nation's tax base.   Many of them will pay off their personal debts.   Many will start saving more for retirement.   It's an over all benefit for everyone.

Rev. Coté:    Thank you.  We'd like to be sure that we stay on track, so if you find anything else we've overlooked, or if we have any errors  in website content or in the validity and/or the functionality of the projects and programs we offer, we'd like to be informed so that we can make any necessary corrections.    (Please contact us.)   



Present Role of  Corporations                        ...3

What's the Present Role of Corporations

Question:    Why are you creating The New Corporate World Foundation and what are your goals?   What are the implications? 

Rev. Coté:    Let me answer that by first sharing with you what the typical corporate financial structure is right now.   When a corporation sells stock, it's really selling a piece of itself.   It's selling part ownership in it's business.    A portion of its profits must go to the new owner (the stock holder).    If one looks closely at a stockholder is one finds a money lender - a straight and simple money lender, and nothing else.   

As anyone who examines the evidence soon learns, money-lenders are like the IRS, they, in and of themselves, they produce nothing.  They just want a portion of the profit.   Another way to say this is that by selling stock, the company is going into debt.   A portion of its profit must go to service that debt.   

Question:    But many businesses don't have the necessary working capital.   They need the stockholders.   So I have to ask, what's wrong with borrowing money? 

Rev. Coté:    Nothing.   Borrowing money is fine.  It's the lack of paying off the debt that creates the problems.   

If you as an individual intentionally carried a huge debt which you never paid off and if you spent a significant portion of your earnings paying your creditors, you'd be considered crazy.   If the main purpose for your existence was to pay money to your creditors, you would be actually have to be crazy.   When a corporation does exactly the same thing, it's equally as crazy, but under our present social structure,  it's considered normal.   

Question:    Are you saying that corporate leaders are crazy? 

Rev. Coté:    No.   When corporations were first introduced into society, they were designed by the money lenders for the express purpose of making money off of the labor of others.   Over time, they have evolved into what we have today.   Up to now, almost no one has explained this financial structure to the public and exposed the system for what it is.   Those who have explained it have been ignored or suppressed by the money lenders.   

Question:    So why are you exposing it now? 

Rev. Coté:    Because human survival is at stake and because the present world financial structures are no longer sustainable.  (More on that in a moment.) 

Question:    How about the federal government?  Won't the bureaucrats  solve this problem?

Rev. Coté:    Unfortunately they can't

Question:    Why not?

Rev. Coté:    Because government is part of the problem.  

Question:    How so?

Rev. Coté:    The government is controlled and dominated by corporate leaders who believe that it's in their best interest to maintain the status quo.  The tax system favors the wealthy at the expense of everything and everyone else.  The government presently has no spending restrictions.  Politicians use the public treasury to buy votes.   Politicians make un-funded promises that they can't keep.    

The financial organizations make high risk loans because they know that if the loans fail, the government will step in and bail them out with tax dollars.   The Government may be dragged into shifting its economic policy, but don't expect any  real leadership there.

Question:    Will that change now that Obama is elected President.  

Rev. Coté:    With regard to which political party controls the government, the differences are in which set of corporations control the government.   There is enough differences between the two parties to make a significant difference.   The Republicans represent the The Grandfather Generation  which is the source of the problem.   If the Republicans had won the 2008 presidential election, the chances of reversing Runaway Global Warming  would have been extremely slim.

The Democrats represent The Reasonables  who, hopefully, will focus on creating economic stability.   If economic stability actually happens we stand a much better chance of  reversing global warming before it becomes unstoppable.  


Update - Aug 11:  Unfortunately, real change is not happening.  Please see the page titled:  An Open Letter to the President at.  http://www.TruthSpeaker.net/letter-to-president-obama.html#gr  


Question:    And you are proposing to change the way corporations do business?

Rev. Coté:    We have to.   Human survival depends upon it.   To keep going with business as usual is a ticket to global suicide.    

The world's major corporation have become cash cows for the super wealthy who own, control, and reap the major portion of corporate profits.   Over time, the super wealthy have gradually taken greater and greater control of  the political system until today when they "own and control"  the politicians who are supposed to represent the people.     They have caused the rules (laws) to be changed and/or re-designed to give them a huge advantage at the expense of everything and everyone else.  They've even made previously illegal activities legal for themselves.    

Question:    Like what?

Rev. Coté:    Loan sharking and gambling.   In the days of Al Capone,  back-alley loan sharks charged desperate people thirty-percent interest rates on loans.   That was considered a serious crime and those caught went to jail.    Today loan sharking is legal.   The criminals have changed the laws and declared themselves to be  immune from prosecution.  They wear thousand-dollar suits and have offices in large, expensive buildings with well-known corporate names on the faces of the buildings.   It's still illegal for you as an individual to charge any interest over ten percent, but some corporations are now charging as much as one hundred percent interest and that's perfectly legal.  Credit card companies commonly charge you and your neighbors a twelve to twenty percent interest rate and sometimes even over thirty percent.   The bankers also print counterfeit money and that's legal too.  

Question:    Counterfeit money?  I don't believe you.

Rev. Coté:    Have you looked in your wallet lately?   Those pieces of paper are not money.   They are not receipts for money either.   They're fake, phony funny money.   Legally it's called fiat money.   it's created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve.  

There another money factor that although blatantly obvious, is largely ignored or played down.  

Wealthy No Longer In Charge          Wealthy No Longer In Charge   ...

Question:    What is that factor?

Rev. Coté:    The super-wealthy are no longer in charge of the money machines that they created.   They have set into motion, forces over which they no longer have control.   Thousands of hot-shot wheelers and dealers have taken the exploitation system of the super-wealthy  and refined it,  expanded it,  and manipulated the economy with it to the level that the entire system is in the process of collapsing.  Borrowing money has moved from  borrowing to produce goods and services  to  borrowing to lend to someone else at a higher interest rate.   

The money manipulators  have given out thousands of questionable  loans.   They've borrowed huge sums  for high-risk investments that failed.   They've ripped off billions of dollars and walked away from collapsing companies.  They've engaged in numerous shady and illegal activities.   They've stolen (manipulated the rules in order to extract)  billions of dollars from corporate retirement funds.   It's gotten so bad that without major changes, the system is about to self-destruct.   And the bottom line is that these people don't care what happens to the loans they made.   

Question:    What do you mean?   Why don't they care?

Rev. Coté:    When their lending practices make a profit, they keep the money.   When a lending scam goes bust, they have their cronies in Washington  bail them out with tax payer money.    

Has anybody noticed?   The working class always pays the bills.   When a financial crisis comes along, such as we are in right now, where do our so-called leaders look for the financial solution?  Raise taxes.  Raise user fees.  Reduce service.  Deficit finance.   Apply more of the same.  Do the same thing harder.   

The nation's financial woes can be solved rather quickly and quite easily, but those in control of the governments and the major corporations refuse to do what is require.  (We'll get to the solutions in a moment.)

There's a limit to the amount that can be exploited out of the working class.   We've reached that limit.   The additional burden is now destroying the working class and destroying our infrastructure.   It's destroying our capacity to produce goods and services.  It's destroying people's capacity to take care of themselves and their families.   

Question:    When you say the infrastructure is being destroyed, what do you mean?

Rev. Coté:    Education and health care are two areas where we are going down hill at warp speed.    Factory cities are being turned into ghost towns.   The destruction of the steel industry is an example of this .   Do you believe the politicians who tell us that our roads, bridges are in good condition?    If you do, then you probably also believe in the tooth fairy.   We are selling most of our existing infrastructure, such as our harbors, and other major pieces of real estate to foreign investors.   

Question:    You're suggesting that this can be changed.   You've taken on an incredible daunting task,   How do you propose to accomplish this?

Rev. Coté:    One step at a time.  The process is actually incredible simple and straight forward.  Here's the next step in four words:   GET OUT OF DEBT!    When corporations actually do this, the consequences will be phenomenal beyond words.  

What corporations will do once they are out of debt will literally transform the entire planet, that is,  if we don't kill ourselves in the mean time by ignoring Runaway Global Warming and the resultant, highly-destructive Global Climate Changes.     And if George Bush and Company  don't completely destroy the economy before we can stop their reckless deficit spending.²


Update - Aug 09:  Unfortunately, the Obama administration is also relying of deficit spending to solve the problem.   


Question:    What will happen as a result of your suggested changes?

Rev. Coté:    It will produce a redistribution of wealth on the planet at a level never seen or even imagined  before.     (Too Good to Be True)  And in case you have forgotten, money is one of the world's three main movers and shakers.   [The other two are religious beliefs and sex.]   You may have to think about this for a moment because many of the benefits will come through by indirection.   We'll talk more about the benefits later.

Question:    What does redistributing the wealth mean?

Rev. Coté:    When businesses follow the The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure  billions of dollars will no longer go into the pockets of the super-wealthy.   The corporation can be a direct source of money for all kinds of social services.   the excess profits go to the  partnering foundation.  

We've taken the money lenders out of their traditional position as the ultimate controllers of the corporation's money.    The vision is to use the money in a ways that gives corporate employees, corporate  customers, and the environment equal priority with making a profit.   Here are some of the way the money can be directed:  

     To cover expenses of running a corporation.  To compensate management and employees at rates that are  just, fair, and equitable, and that are in line with the amount of money required to produce sustainable living conditions,  

     To build, rebuild, re-model, update, and/or replace the company's infrastructure,  

     To produce high quality products and/or services,  

     To sell its product and services at a fair price,  

     The corporation bylaws will mandate that it direct the major portion of its profits in ways that produce social benefits for the people.   Some of the money will go to the partnering foundation to fulfill its reason for being.  Some of the money will go into the partnering foundation's endowment fund.   Some of the money will go directly from the corporation to fund public social services such as providing health care services. 

Another example is to fund public education outside of the classroom, such as by funding commercial free public television -- television that can speak the truth because it's not dominated by corporate money.  

    To pay off its debts by buying outstanding stock in the corporation as it becomes available,  

    To donate money and/or  its stock to its new partner foundation.  

     To participate in the Reversal of Global Warming.

There will be numerous, additional benefits when other corporations start using  The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure.

Question:    What's the endowment fund?   What does it do?    

Rev. Coté:    Its money that a the foundation invests for the purpose of making a profit.  The profit can then be used to fund the foundation's reason for being.   Instead of depending entirely on outside donations, the profit generated by the endowment fund gives the foundation with its own money.   Universities such as Harvard and Yale have large endowment funds.   The profits from the fund pay a sizable portion of the costs of running their schools.

Social Security was originally intended to have the people's money in an endowment and pay retirees form the profits.   Today, it would have a forty trillion to invest if the fund money had not been stolen and spent by the bureaucrats.   See the page title:  What Social Security Was Supposed to Be.  

The NCW corporation/foundation business structure will begin to provide retirement endowment funds for it's employees based on the same concept except that it will be considerably smaller and the money will be out of reach of those who would steal it.  

When The NCW corporation/foundation business structurebecomes the normal way of doing business, there will be thousands of investment portfolios and not just a single huge one.   It's only a matter of time before NCW's collective financial power becomes so strong that it transforms the financial world.

Eventually and by peaceful evolution, the present society which is based upon debt, competition, and greed will be replaced by a society based on cooperation, co-creation, and mutual support.   Everyone will be in the winner's circle.   Through Foundation stock ownership, everyone will get a share of the corporate benefits.   There simply aren't any losers.   




What's In It For Me                    ...4

What's In It for Me? 

Question   You are proposing major changes.   Are you sure this is real and that it's possible.    

Rev. Coté:    Yes, absolutely!   I'll give you a brief but specific answer to your question   "Why should I care?   What's in it for me?"   Here's the answer in a "carrot-and-the- stick" style summary:  On the negative side, if  we fail to make major social, political, and economic changes and if we fail to Reverse Global Warming, we will all be in serious trouble. 

Question:    What kind of trouble?    

Rev. Coté:    The Earth’s temperature will rise about eighteen degrees Fahrenheit.   The ocean level will rise by about forty feet forcing billions of people out of their homes.  Mountain snow caps will melt leaving over thirty percent of the world’s population without fresh water in the dry season.   Billions of people will likely die of environmental exposure or starvation.   Most large life forms on the entire planet will become extinct.

See the Section below titled:

We Have turned on Runaway Global Warming ¹ 

 And set in motion dozens of highly-destructive Global Climate Changes


Question:    Ouch!   There's nothing like hitting me with two-by-four to wake me up.   Are you sure that's the truth.   

Rev. Coté:    Yes.   Please see our website:
for facts and backup data.   

Question:     What if you're wrong?

Rev. Coté:    There's always the possibility that we could be wrong.   But what if those who pooh-pooh Global Warming are wrong?   Are you willing to bet the lives of your children, your grandchildren, and all the rest of humanity that Global Warming  is just a hippie, tree-hugger's fairytale?

Question:    No, the overwhelming evidence says Global Warming is real  and the potential consequences of ignoring it are too devastating.   

Rev. Coté:    From the perspective of  whether-or-not-to-take-action,  it doesn't matter what is causing the environmental changes, we can't simply sit back and allow these devastating changes to occur.   To do nothing is to invite disaster.   

Question:    So you are saying that the only safe option is to act as if Global Warming is real?

Rev. Coté:    Yes.   And if we are wrong, the worst consequences are that we've cleaned up the environment.   

Let me set the context.    

Question:    Please do.

Rev. Coté:    Regardless of what's causing the climate to change, the environment is in dire need of attention.    In order to solve our collective problems, we must work together.     And in order to work together, human  beliefs,   attitudes, and   behaviors  must change.   The government won't lead us.    The people can't do it alone.  The Rapture is a mindless fairytale, and Superman died years ago.   This leaves a huge leadership void.




Money Come From                  ...5

Where will the money come from?

Question:    Where will the money come from?

Rev. Coté:    Most corporations already donate a portion of their profits in support of charitable causes.   For example, the California retail store corporation, Target, presently donates five percent of the profit from its retail sales to charitable causes.   We are suggesting that Target and other corporations simple take a portion of the money already earmarked for charity and use that money to fund their own, independently controlled foundation.

Question:    But that will reduce their charitable giving.  

Rev. Coté:    In the short-run,  yes it will.   And in the long run, it will significantly expand the corporations ability to be of service.   It's like the difference between eating the seed grain and saving the seeds to plant the next spring.   Which is  the wiser choice?   In the case of the corporations,  creating their own N. P. O. is by far the most beneficial, long-term  option.   

The percentage of profits donated to the foundation can be very small.   It will produce the same result.   It will just take longer if the initial donations are smaller.   

If the company management and the employees work together and  also set up an employee retirement trust, the process will be speeded up considerably.  

Also, not all corporate leaders are addicted to making money.   Many of them are concerned about what's happening in the business world.   A great number of them  will welcome an opportunity take back control of their company from the short-sited money interests.   They also know that they must take care of the environment.   Many will see the tremendous future benefits of directing money into the creation of their company's partnering foundation.   There are so many pluses and so few negatives to The New Corporate World that ignoring it is actually rather foolish.   

There's also another financial factor that will reduce the amount of money required to obtain controlling interest in it's partnering profit-oriented corporation.   We talked about that at the start of this interview.

Question:    Tell me again.  

When the project begins to prove itself in the external world, many of the stockholders whose only interest is profit will also realize that:

1)    the changes are in their own, long-term, best interest, and 

2)   the changes are inevitable, 

As a result of this new awareness, they will very likely proxy their corporate vote to the foundation.  This will significantly speed up the transformation process.


For a more extensive explanation of where the money will come from, readers are directed to  the separate page titled:  Money Sources - Long-term  Funding




         Eliminating Corporate Debt                                   ...6

Eliminating Corporate Debt  

Question:    How will NCW satisfy investor requirements for profits?   

Rev. Coté:    Let's talk some basic economics for a moment, and I'll  give you an answer by analogy.   If you, as an individual, had a large debt that you were servicing, where would you get the money to pay the interest and to pay off the debt.   

Question:    I'd have to earn it.     

Rev. Coté:    Then a portion of your time, effort, and energy, (your earnings, your profits) would be diverted away from taking care of yourself and your family  and instead, used to pay money lenders.   

Question:    Yes..  

Rev. Coté:    What kind of advice would you be getting form everybody except your lender? 

Question:    Get out of debt as quickly as possible.   

Rev. Coté:    Now suppose you and your spouse were carrying that debt together, what advice would you receive then.  

Question:    The Same.   Get out of debt as quickly as possible.   

Rev. Coté:    Now suppose you, your wife, and thirty other people were carrying a debt together.  What advice would you receive then.  

Question:    The Same.   Get out of debt as quickly as possible.   What's your point?   

Rev. Coté:     My point is that the number of people on the debtors side of this equation is irrelevant.  The same answer always applies: "Get out of debt as quickly as possible."   Debt costs you money.   It costs you freedom.   The bigger the debt, the more it costs.   Unless you can borrow low and lend high, the only sensible answer is  "Get our of debt as quickly as possible."   We'll get into more details about personal debt   in a moment, but for now let's focus on corporate debt.

Question:    Why. . .   

Rev. Coté:    Because the same principles apply to corporations.   

Question:    OK, tell me about corporate debt.  

Rev. Coté:    Corporations are dominated by the stockholders, and the company executives manage the corporation for the stockholders.  Is that correct?   

Question:    Yes..  

Rev. Coté:    When a stockholder buys stock in a company, he/she is lending money to the corporation with the intention of making a profit.   What are the stockholders interested in?     

Question:    Money!   Profits and higher stock prices.     

Rev. Coté:    What else?    

Question:    Nothing else.   

Rev. Coté:    Now take the same corporation after it has joined the NCW and transferred  most of its stock ownership to its partner foundation as we have described above.   How much money do they need to spend on servicing their loans?  

Question:    Significantly less.   

Rev. Coté:    What if they followed the advice you got about your personal loans?   What if they paid off all their debts?    

Question:    Corporation are presently focused on money.   If they eliminated all their loans, their purpose for being would cease to exist.  

Rev. Coté:    Is it possible that corporations have a false sense of purpose?  (Reference --  Money Machines  

Question:    That's possible.  Is there another purpose for  corporations?   

Rev. Coté:    If you open your heart, a whole raft of reasons float into mind.    

Question:    Like What?   

Rev. Coté:    When they establish the Win-Win Business Structure, here's what corporations can produce in addition to profit  

     A major, peaceful redistribution of wealth,

     The re-assertion and re-empowerment of the middle class,

     A cure for the disease called debt,   

     Happier, healthier, more productive employees, 

    A sound financial foundation for corporate employees,

     Higher quality products and services,

     An end to the ongoing war between labor and management,  and

     A major step toward the Reversal of Global Warming.

(Too Good to Be True) 

Question:    And you are saying that The New Corporate World  Win-Win Business Structure  is going to turn the focus from profits to people.

Rev. Coté:   Yes!   The New Corporate World Foundation's Project is specifically designed to do exactly that.  The present focus is to feed the addiction of the super-wealthy Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   As I've already shown you,  the transformation process is incredibly simple, easy-to implement, and has profound long term results.

Corporation will become a group of people working collectively for themselves and for the good of their community.    They will no longer at the effect of money lenders.   They can kiss Wall Street goodbye.   They will be working as a team for the highest good for all concerned -- the corporate employees and management, the customers, the environment, and the remaining stockholders.   When they decide to support some charitable endeavor, they will have plenty of money to direct to any cause they choose.   Excess profits go to the foundation. 

Question:    So, is  NCW  changing the purpose for a corporations existence?   

Rev. Coté:    More accurately, it's expanding its present purpose to include the employees, the customers and the environment.    It's not taking anything away.   The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure is simply  giving those corporations who choose to participate an expanded sense of purpose.   

Let's get back to money.   There is a fixed financial relationship among a corporation's stockholders, employees, management, customers, and the environment.   When money goes to one of them, that money can't go to the other four.   

The same is true in the stock market as it is presently run.  It obviously provides  some services and benefits, but for the most part the stock market is a zero sum game.  Stock value is supposed to be based on productivity.   For many corporations,  today, it's not.   It's based on making a profit by lending money.   In way to many cases, it's based on inflated speculation, on un-collateralized loans, on accounting magic, and on Enron-style deceptive bookkeeping.

Question:    What's a zero-sum game?   

Rev. Coté:    It means that when someone gains, someone else looses -- when someone looses, someone else gains.

Question:    How is that relative to creating  The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  

Rev. Coté:    When money stops flowing in one direction it must flow in another.    Every dollar that does not go the the stockholders must go to one or another of the other three --  to the employees, to management, to the customers, or to the environment.  It can also go to its partner foundation.

Question:    Are you saying the The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  is also a means for the redistribution of wealth?   

Rev. Coté:    Yes.    The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure is also a means for a major  redistribution of wealth?  And it does so subtly, with grace and ease, and with no violence.   Every company that joins the NCW, will be a party to that redistribution.    In this aspect, alone, NCW's potential for social transformation is awesome.   

Question:    You say corporations shouldn't be in debt, but often corporations need to borrow money so that they can do things that they otherwise couldn't do.   

Rev. Coté:    Then borrow money when needed, but pay it back as quickly as possible.  Presently corporations borrow money and never pay off their debts.   If you, as an individual, did that,  you'd be either stuck hopelessly in debt or a fool.   

Corporate Debt         Corporate Debt               ...

Question:    Corporate leaders are no fools so why don't they simply pay off their debts. 

Rev. Coté:    Because most major corporations have been turned into cash cows, (money machines)  by the super-wealthy stock owners.    The lenders (the super-wealthy stockholders) don't want debtors (the corporations) to pay off their loans.      

Question:    Why Not?   

Rev. Coté:    Because the super-wealthy lenders live off the interest from those loans.    More accurately, they live off the labor and the skills of those who make the corporations profitable.  They're a private version of the IRS.   They don't participate in production.    They simply demand a portion of the profits.   They loan money to the corporations (by way of the stocks they own)  and they intentionally keep the corporations in debt.   The bottom-line truth is that corporations have been turned into feeding troughs for the super wealthy.  

Question:    What about the employees, the customers and the environment? 

Rev. Coté:    For the most part, the purpose of corporations has become limited to feeding profits to the wealthy stockholders with utter disregard for their employees, their customers, and the environment.    

They throw out crumbs to the masses to give themselves a wholesome image, but beneath the facade there's a sinister, hidden duplicity.   The corporation's physical products and/or its  services have become by-products in a money machine.   Employees are treated as little more than disposable tool used for the production of money.   Their entire reason for being has become:  "To produce money for investors."   

Question:    I'm glad to see that there is there another way 

Rev. Coté:    Of course!   Our program  is,  by far, the best economic revitalization process yet proposed by anyone, anywhere.  

Our website address is:


A clear, concise summary can be found at:


Question:    You promised more details about personal debt.   Is this the time to get back onto that topic?   

Rev. Coté:    Yes.   Let me offer you an analogy.   What if the sole reason for you working was to make money for someone else?   Your life would be controlled by the money interests.   From the slave-holder's perspective, the African slaves in Early America were exactly that.   I invite you to see another piece of "slavery truth."

Question:    And that is . . . ?   

Rev. Coté:    Anybody on the planet today who owes someone else money is part slave.   He (or she) is an indentured servant to the money lender.   He must devote a portion of his life to servicing the lenders demands for money.    There are no chains on his ankles, but he is clearly not free.   

Question:    What's your point here?   

Rev. Coté:    First, most people have an extremely limited understanding of how "external money interests"  control their lives.   Second the potential to become free is readily available.   All we have to do is wake up.

Question:    You said that before?   Can you expand on that topic?

Rev. Coté:    Yes.   Our goal is to wake people up to their untapped potential.   The fastest and easiest way to begin the wakeup call is in the area of money.    One of the key steps is to show people how they are slaves to money and how they can become free.   Like I just said, most of us are, in one way or another, indentured servants to money lenders.   Even the corporate leaders who make millions are under the control of their employers.    

Question:    Their employers?  Their company CEOs Why do you say corporate executives are also wage slaves?   

Rev. Coté:    Because unless they own huge amounts of stock in the corporation they work for, those who run the world's corporations are also slaves to the super wealthy.   They're simply higher-paid than the rest of us.   They must follow the wishes of the money lenders of get fired.

Rev. Coté:    What if the main reason for you working was, as it is for most corporations today,  to make money for someone else?  Would that be a satisfying life.   

Question   No, but I'm not just a legal entity, I'm a real live person.   I have a heart and soul.   Corporations don't.   But what difference does that make?   Companies make money for investor.   Stockholders are people.   They benefit from the corporate production, so what's the problem?   

Rev. Coté:    The problem is that ten percent of the people receive ninety percent of the profits.   Money interest have all but exclusive control of most corporations.   In the name of increasing profits, the employees get screwed, the customers get shoddy products and little or no service, and the environment gets destroyed.

Question:    But that's the nature of present-day corporations.    

Rev. Coté:    Yes, I'm well aware of that.   That's the problem that The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  is addressing.    What if we could give corporations a heart and a soul?    What if we could give corporations a reason to be that was more than just money?

Question:    That would be nice, but it's impossible. 

Rev. Coté:    Is it really impossible?   Or is it that you presently believe that it's impossible?   What "is" is not a measure of what "can be."   

Question:    I hadn't thought of it that way.  

Rev. Coté:    Let your imagination out of its prison of limiting beliefs for a moment.   What if it were possible to do so?    

Question:    That would change the world 

Rev. Coté:    When a corporation's board or directors  decides to create an independent, non-profit foundation, and to fund that Foundation** so that it can regularly buy the company's stock, it is, in essence, giving the corporation a heart and a soul.   That step, when taken by several corporations, will, indeed, set the stage for changes in the world,  and those changes will be dramatic.   

**   The suggested way of funding, at least at the start, is for the corporations to re-direct a portion of the money they normally give to charity -- to use that money to initially fund their own foundation.

Question:    How so? 

Rev. Coté:    The corporations  "reason-to-be"  will expand to include the management, the employees, the customers and the environment.   Making a profit will receive a fair share of the pie and not consume the entire pie as it does now.   The bottom-line, net result will be a major redistribution of wealth accomplished by agreement and not by intimidation, coercion or physical violence.   

Question:    Wouldn't the foundations you are talking about be just another lender to whom money was owed?   

Rev. Coté:    That would depend upon the purpose for which the foundation was set up.   That would depend upon who were the foundation's named beneficiaries.    In the case described in The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  the corporation becomes the main distributor of the wealth.  The foundation, by owning a controlling interest in stocks, insures that the corporation stay on track and uses profits for the highest good of all concerned.   

Once the foundation holds controlling interest in the corporation, it can instruct the corporations executives to alter its bylaws to insure fairness and to prevent the problems that presently dominate the corporate world.   For example,  Overseeing both the corporation's internal and an external auditing system will be part of the foundations job so corporate,  financial fraud will all but impossible to hide.  



         Everybody Wins                            ...6

Everybody Wins  

Question:    Why will corporate management go for this approach? 

Rev. Coté:    The corporate management people  are employees, right?

Question:    Yes..  

Rev. Coté:    Then under The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure, who will these people actually be working for?   

Question:    Themselves

Rev. Coté:    Themselves, plus the other employees, with do consideration for the customers and the environment.  Is that correct?

Question:    Yes.  

Rev. Coté:    What are they going to do with the money that they used to pay out as dividends to stockholders?   Where will all the money (the profits)  go?  

Question:    To management, to the other employees, to the customers,  to the remaining stockholders and to care for the environment.   

Rev. Coté:    There's another beneficiary and that is the corporation, itself.   A portion of the money will be used to enhance the value of the corporation's infrastructure.   Corporate infrastructures such as factories, can be upgraded, remodeled and/or replaced.  

Question:    Why is that important?.   

Rev. Coté:    Because an incredible amount of wealth lies in the tools for creating wealth.   This is one of the reasons why the United Sates has been so successful.   For decades, the U.S. has had a national  infrastructure that was superior to most of the rest of the world.    The availability of water, electricity, sewers,  transportation, communication, education and the like have been the normal context of American life for a long time.   We take it for granted, but it is truly a blessing that much of the rest of the world still lives without.. 

The same principle applies on the corporate level.   Corporate infrastructures are incredible valuable.    Wise corporate leaders direct a portion of their company's profits into maintaining and enhancing the tools of production.

If for example, a corporation intended to build a new factory, the traditional path is to borrow the money by selling stock.   Instead of creating that debt, what if they used some of the former-dividend-money to pay for part or all of the new factory?   

Also, if they are wise, the corporations will invest their excess profits and have money working for them instead of them working for money.   

Question:    Are you suggesting that the corporations become lenders instead of borrowers?  

Rev. Coté:    Perhaps, but not in the all-too-common,  present corporate context of "do anything, as long as it's profitable."  

Question   In the present economy, a corporation that functions with only existing  money, could not compete with the lending corporations (i.e.  bank, credit care lenders, etc.) who lend money they don't have and charge customers interest on the make-believe money that they loan.

Rev. Coté:    Are you sure?   This is an area where the question is yet to be answered.     Remember we're talking about excess profits that the company has to decide how to use.   Lending money in order to collect interest is not the only use for that money.   There are several possibilities:  1)  Lower the price of the company's products and services.  2)  Increase the pay and benefits to the employees  (management, and labor).   3)   Make a higher quality product.    4)  Reduce the company's carbon footprint.   5)  Take actions designed to Reverse Global Warming, 6)  Loan that money out to those who will use it to produce more goods and services.  7)  Engage in positive and constructive activities that we have not yet thought of. 

Question:    You mentioned benefits to employees.   What about health care for the employees?  

Rev. Coté:    Corporation that set up The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  for their own companies will easily be able to afford and provide health services for their employees.   Let me bottom line this for you.   

When corporations actually create The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  , they, collectively, will be rebuilding the foundations of the American way of life, the ideals that our Forefathers talked about --   freedom, quality of life, equality of opportunity.    Money is the key to freedom and that's what The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  will place in the hands of leaders and the employees of America's corporations.

Question:    This sounds like they can make themselves and each other healthy, wealthy, and rich.

Rev. Coté:    Rather than rich, how about well off.  The idea is for everyone involves to be able to live well but not to excess and not at the expense of anyone else. 

Let's look at the stockholders for a moment.   If you were one of the last remaining stockholders in this corporation, what would you do with your stock?   

Question:    I'd keep it. 

Rev. Coté:    Why?   

Question:    Because it would almost certainly be earning a high profit. 

Rev. Coté:    And what about the corporations customers?    To which corporation are you going to take your business?  The one in which the products are of higher quality, and less expensive,  a company the provides prompt and personal customer service,  A company the cares for its employees and for the environment  ---  or a company that's dominated by money, greed, fear, misdirected power and profits at any price?

Question:    The answer is obvious.  The one that best fills the customer's needs and desires.  

Rev. Coté:    Do you have any more questions?   




Looking For Losers       Looking for Losers             Losers                           ...

Are there Any Losers?  

Question:    Yes, are there any losers?   What about the wealthy stockholders?    How will creating The New Corporate World affect their financial power? 

Rev. Coté:    One of the results will be a unique shift in concentrations of financial power.  

Question:    Unique?   How will this be different?

 Rev. Coté:    Traditionally, power was a zero-sum game where the winner took everything and gave out just enough to keep his servants surviving.   That ancient structure  has evolved into the present-day, wage-slave mentality that pretty much rules the corporate world.   

Question:    You are saying that The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  will change that. 

 Rev. Coté:    Yes.  

Question:    How?

 Rev. Coté:    The existing, financial power structures, themselves, will not be reduced, but their relative power will be.   Each corporation that joins the New Corporate World will become its own financial power base.   That power will not come by taking anything away for the anybody.   The super wealthy get to keep all their money.  

Under the new structure, the wealth will come from future profits and by creating things that did not exist before.  Suppose for example, that a percentage of the corporate profits were divided among the employees.  Would that give the employees an incentive to create a successful company?

You've probably noticed that many people with money and freedom are incredibly creative.   The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure will unleash the creativity of thousands of groups of people working together to enhance their corporations (and thus, their own) best interest.    As a result, the huge financial gap between the super-wealthy and the rest of the people will be steadily reduced. 

Presently, through debt service, the corporate profits go to support the existing concentrations of financial power.   As the money shifts into the control of corporation itself and its partner foundation, financial power will shift with it.   This will move financial power strongly in the directions of freedom and the well-being of everyone.

Remember, The Universal Law of Thought  tells us that we empower what we focus on.   The New Corporate World Foundation is  focused on creating a win/win for everybody.    If you or anybody you know can show us the downside of this concept, we'd love to here it.   In order to be sure we stay on track,  we also invite people to show us any places where something is missing or  wrong.  

Question:    Won't the super-wealthy be the losers?

Rev. Coté:    No.  They'll actually be the biggest winners.   

Question:    How can that be?

Rev. Coté:    Well, for one thing, they have the most to lose.   They're  also stuck in a very destructive loop that has gotten so far out of hand that they are on a path to self- destruction.   If they don't wake up very soon, Runaway Global Warming will kill most large life forms on the planet, including the super-wealthy.    

NCW is derailing this destructive cycle in a very positive way.   It's about making the pie bigger and not about fighting and destroying.   Nothing will be taken away from the wealthy. 

out of hand         out of hand        ...

Question:    Are you saying that the super-wealthy are no longer in charge.

Rev. Coté:    Not any more.   They have set into motion, forces over which they no longer have control.   Thousands of hot-shot wheelers and dealers (on wall street and elsewhere in the financial industry) have taken the original exploitation system and refined it,  expanded it,  and manipulated the economy with it to the level that the entire system is about to collapse.  

Question:    So you are not declaring war on the wealthy.

Rev. Coté:    No.   We are not fighting anything.   We're simply creating a replacement structure that has a greater value than that which it is replacing.  

When people see the increased value in The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure, they will simply leave the old ways and move to the new.   That's how cars replaced the horse and buggy.   That's how computers replaced typewriters.   That's how light replaces dark and how order replaces confusion.   

Wealthy and rich      wealthy and rich         ...

Question:    But the wealthy stock owners will  lose their cash cows?   

Rev. Coté:    If someone already has more money than they need to live in opulence for a hundred lifetimes  and their main focus is still on making more money, they have their priorities way out of line.   For anybody in that position, a wake up call is the greatest blessing they could receive.   Send them to us.   We'll coach them, regardless on how many millions or billions they control.      They may be rich, but many rich people do not have satisfying and fulfilling lives.   They are not wealthy

Money (being rich) is not the only reason for living.   Real wealth is much more that money.   What about family?  What about  health, relationships, peace of mind, and their spiritual values.   What about the future of the planet?   Reincarnation is almost certainly the truth, so they are also creating their own future -- a future that stretches beyond this single lifetime.   

These factors are commonly ignored by those focused only on money.   These are factors that The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  is bringing into the picture.

Question:    Then there aren't any losers. 

Rev. Coté:    That's correct.   Let me take you one step further.  

Question:    OK.   

Rev. Coté:    What we will have in The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure   is a group of people working collectively for themselves.    They will no longer at the effect of money lenders.   They can kissed Wall Street money lenders goodbye.   When they are no longer feeding the wealthy, where are these people are going to focus their attention and their money?   

Question:    You tell me.  

Rev. Coté:    They are going to spend their time , money, and effort on satisfying  The Five Human Motivators    that I mentioned earlier.   

***  On things that bring to themselves more pleasure and/or less pain.   

***  On things that are in their own best interest.     

***  On creating community, reciprocity, inclusion, and approval.  

***  On creating fairness, equality, freedom, and respect.   

***  On creating  consistency, dependability, predictability, and peace of mind.   On safety.   Personal health and well being.  On their homes and families.  On living their lives in peace and freedom.   On creating  a stable social, political, economic, religious and environments structures.

Now you tell me, which world do you want to live in?  -- Our present world based on money, greed, fear, and misdirected power and run by Money & Profit/Dopamine addicts?  --  Or in The New Corporate World?  

Question:    Obviously  The New Corporate World.     

Rev. Coté:    Here's still another bonus.     When the corporate and foundation leaders function as a team, scandals like the multi-billion dollar Enron fiasco couldn't happen.   

Question:    Why is that?     

Rev. Coté:    Because the foundation auditing system would see what was happening long before it got to a crisis level.   And remember, this is a partnership set up for the good of all.   Corporate leaders would have no incentive to cheat, lie, or steal.   If they did, they'd be stealing from themselves.   In most cases, they would lose far more than they could gain.

Question:    It sounds like you are setting the stage for some heroes to step out and shine in the spotlight of The New Corporate World.   

Rev. Coté:    The  corporate executives who choose to follow our suggestions are going to be the leaders in The New Corporate World that rises out of the already in process environmental disasters and out of the major, social, political, economic, religious and environmental transformations that are also in process right now.  




         Non-Violent Transition                           ...

A Non-Violent Transition  

Question:    Is there anything else?   

Rev. Coté:    Yes, this transformational process has still another significant advantage.   

Question:    And that advantage is . . . ?   

Rev. Coté:    When you look back into human history, you'll notice that many major social changes have been dramatic, rapid, chaotic, poorly directed, tightly controlled by a very small number of people, heartless, divisive, authoritarian, and violent.   One group used violence to overpower another.    Within a short time, one set of dominators simply replaced another.   The net result was little more than a social variation of musical chairs.   

Even today in areas when violence is minimal or absent, you'll see that one group is still attempting to impose its will onto everyone else.   The forced motherhood war (anti-abortion) is a clear example of this.  In a society that openly peddles alcohol, nicotine, and thousands of prescription drugs, we have a war on certain declared-to-be-illegal substances.   When any group attempts to dominate by force and/or by intimidation, freedom is replaced by tyranny.  

Question:    How is the New Corporate World different ?   

Rev. Coté:    In sharp contrast, creating The New Corporate World is exactly the opposite in every aspect.    The transfer of wealth will be gradual and low key, with no high drama.   There will be thousands of leaders and not just a few.   The rate of change is controlled by the speed at which the foundations are created and funded.   There are no central controls, only guidelines for positive action.   

Participation is by free will choice.   Each corporation is completely independent in choosing to create a NCW Foundation or to maintain business as usual.   For the corporations that choose to participate, each foundation will be set up on a carefully designed plan with adaptations for each corporations individual requirements.   

It's inclusive, with care and concern for all involved.   And there is NO VIOLENCE!    When you compare the underlying energy it's easy to see that the two corporate strategies are vastly different.    (Too Good to Be True) 

Question:    How so?.

Rev. Coté:    Using the seven major chakras of the human body as an analogy, the present business structures are like the first three chakras only --  survival, reproduction, and emotions.   NCW ads the top four to create a seven-part, energy matrix.   NCW adds  heart (4) (love, compassion and caring).   It ads the voice of wisdom, (5)  the vision of the truth, (6) and the spirit of Creator God. (7)  

It's like inviting those stuck in the ancient belief that God is only an angry, fickle,  superhuman being living above the clouds to see that Creator/God is also  much more that that -- to see that the source of All Creation is also  an all-encompassing, loving, all-inclusive energy in which each human is a powerful co-creator intimately tied into and part of the Creation.   




Natures Doomsday Machine      Nature's Doomsday Machine      ...  7

Runaway Global Warming.

Question:    You've said that creating The New Corporate World  will be a  major step toward the Reversal of Global Warming.    How are the two connected?   

Rev. Coté:    Corporations are among the major creators of the environmental pollutants and are major contributors to Global Warming.   Because their main focus is presently on money at the expense of everything else, they are not taking care of the environment.   When businesses become part of The New Corporate World , money will no longer be their sole driving force.   Environmental  concerns will be in their rightful place as one piece of the multi-part matrix  -- employees, management, customers, environment,  stockholders, and the greater good of all concerned.  

Question:    This is obviously NOT a short term fix.   How long will it take for major changes to show up?  

Rev. Coté:    That depends entirely upon the corporate executives who lead this movement.   I suggest you let the level of urgency answer that question for you.   

Question:    Is there an urgency?  

Rev. Coté:    Let me give you a piece of  mostly-ignored evidence and then you tell me, what degree of urgency this situation warrants. 

Question:    OK, I'm listening

Rev. Coté:    We have turned on Runaway Global Warming.   To say  that more bluntly, we've turned on Nature's Doomsday Machine.   

Question:     Nature's Doomsday Machine!     I hope you are exaggerating.   

Rev. Coté:    Unfortunately, I'm not.

Question:    Then you had best explain this, immediately.  

Rev. Coté:    Are you getting the sense of urgency?

Question:    Yes, but I'll wait for the evidence before I need to change my underpants.

Rev. Coté:   Human-caused Climate Change has not only released vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it has also started the release of the 10,000 billion tons of methane presently frozen in the Arctic Circle.   Methane is twenty times more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide.   

Question:    What makes methane more destructive?

Rev. Coté:    When in the atmosphere, both methane and carbon dioxide are heat traps.   Much of the heat from sun that normally radiates back into space is stopped by these two gases.   As a heat trap, methane is twenty times more effective than carbon dioxide at stopping this heat from radiating away from the Earth.   

Question:    Bottom-line this for me. 

Rev. Coté:    Each year, the amount of this gas being released is increasing.   Unless this self-expanding cycle is reversed within the next five to ten years, the rate of release will escalate very rapidly to the level where  it will become un-stoppable.    If we do not take action intentionally designed to stop this cycle, the entire 10,000 billion tons of methane presently frozen in the Arctic Circle will automatically be released into the atmosphere.   The environment will be drastically altered.   

Question:    What will change? 

Rev. Coté:    The Earth’s temperature will rise about eighteen degrees Fahrenheit.   The ocean level will rise by several feet.   Glaciers and mountain snow caps will disappear completely.   Dozens of other destructive changes will occur.   The consequences will be devastating, deadly, and irreversible!   

Question:    What will be the effect on humans?  

Rev. Coté:    The  rise in ocean level will force billions of people out of their homes.   The loss of mountain snow caps will  leave over thirty percent of the world’s population without fresh water in the dry season.   Billions of people will likely die of environmental exposure or starvation.   Most large life forms on the entire planet will become extinct.

Question:    So Global Warming could kill everyone on the entire planet?  

Rev. Coté:    It's possible that a few might survive.    A consequence similar to what happened when the dinosaurs became extinct is a not-so-remote possibility.   

Question:    That's scary as hell.    What are those in control doing to stop this cycle?   

Rev. Coté:    Mostly ignoring it, or denying it, with a little tokenism and some futile gesturing thrown in to appease the masses.   A few private citizens  are expressing concerns, but they are denied any significant voice in the mass media.   Of those who do hear, few are listening.   For the most part, it's business as usual.    

Question:    Why are people ignoring this?   

Rev. Coté:    For two main reasons.   First, human nature is such that people tend to ignore warning sings until it's way past the optimum time to respond to those warnings.    And second, the people running our federal  government are Money & Profit/Dopamine addicts.  They're peddling Global Warming as a fantasy of the foolish and a hippie, tree-hugger's fantasy.   


Update - Aug 09:  The Obama administration is somewhat better, but unfortunately,  the sense of urgency is still missing.


Question:    I'm not only blown away,  I'm appalled at the lack of concern being expressed  about this issue.  This is the first time I've heard of the Arctic Circle story.   Are you sure you are not just making this up?   

Rev. Coté:    I wish I were, but I'm not.   Please don't simply believe or disbelieve me.  See  the PBS, Nova video titled: "Global Dimming."   You can find a copy of the video and an online analysis of it at:


Question:    What is Global Dimming?  

Rev. Coté:    Global Dimming is the unseen (and usually unspoken)  half of Global Climate Change.    We actually  have two serious problems temporarily counterbalancing each other.   Because they offset each other, Global Climate Change is commonly seen by the unschooled eye as nothing to be concerned about.   

Question:    Can you explain this in more detail?  

Rev. Coté:    Of course.   Here's the Real Skinny:   As a result of all the pollution that humans have pumped into the atmosphere, (particulate matter such as smoke and dust) we have significantly reduced the amount of sunlight reaching the surface of the Earth.   The result is a reduction of the Earth's temperature of about one and a half degrees Fahrenheit.    This has offset a portion of the consequences of the huge quantities of methane and carbon dioxide we are pumping onto the atmosphere which has caused an upward temperature rise by of about two and a half degrees Fahrenheit.   The net result is that the actual temperature shift has been only about one degree Fahrenheit.    This has lulled many people into thinking that Global  Climate Change is not really a serious problem.    

Question:    But obviously it is.     

Rev. Coté:    It's obvious to anybody who looks at the evidence. 



   Bush Rapture     ...

   Bush  and  "The Rapture" 

Question:    Then why wasn't George Bush  leading the charge to Reverse Global Warming?   Why was he ignoring the problem and  promoting exactly the opposite?   Why was he sentencing his own grandchildren and grandchildren to grief and misery and, very likely, to an early death?  

Rev. Coté:    We've also pondered this question and haven't come up with much that makes and sense of out of what he was doing.    He could literally be insane.   He could be a born again believer in  The Rapture  He claimed to be a "born-again-believer” in the fundamentalist version of Christianity.   If he was as he claims to be, then, by his actions, we can clearly see that he's was probably secretly promoting death and destruction in order to make The Rapture arrive more quickly.   

Question:    That's pretty scary.     

Rev. Coté:    If you can figure out any other explanation, we'd love to hear it.   

Question:    Do you suppose he's under the influence of alien beings from another reality who are bent on destroying humanity?

Rev. Coté:    I no longer discount any scenario as an absolute impossibility, however, until the little green men from Mars show up and invite me onto their spaceship, I'll leave that alternative to the science fiction writers.    

Question:    What about Devil worshippers?   Could he be under some sort of evil spell or in a trance-like condition?

Rev. Coté:    Again, you're into far out stuff.  Let's not go there.   

Question:    For years, we've heard rumors about creating the one-world government with a few of the wealthy families ruling the world.   Is that a possibility? 

Rev. Coté:    Theoretically, yes,  this is a distinct possibility, and that theory could explain what is going on, but from a practical perspective, such a scenario simply cannot succeed.     

Question:   Why not? 

Rev. Coté:    Because if things continue as they are going now, Global Climate Change will to wipe out most if not all of humanity before those attempting to take over could make the necessary changes to stop nature's  already in process Doomsday Machine.   Runaway Global Warming, if not turned around within the next five to eight years will, within a matter of a few decades,  produce results so profound and so drastic and so devastating that any humans who survives such a change will find little left that is even recognizable.   

The only way for those who are orchestrating the present destruction to succeed would be to murder about five billion people within the next five years and to do so without destroying the planet.   

Question:   That's not a very realistic scenario.   

Rev. Coté:    If that were the plan and they if they had the capacity to do so, they would  have done it by now.   They wouldn't be sitting around while the masses continue to destroy the planet simply out of desperation and for the sake of their own  survival. 

Question:   Then, that's not a very realistic scenario, either.   So where are we?   

Rev. Coté:    There is one more possibility.   

Question:   And that is?   

Rev. Coté:    Divine intervention.

Question:   I hate to sound sarcastic, but the story about the little green men for Mars is more likely possibility.  

Rev. Coté:   Then we're back to speculating about who is doing what and why.   

Question:   What is going on?.   

Rev. Coté:    On the surface we had what appears to be a born-again buffoon running the show.   But if you closely examine what was actually going on, one could easily conclude that a very clever, criminally insane group of individuals was (and still is)  secretly and intentionally orchestrating the destruction of the American political and  economic systems for the express purpose of replacing the system of personal freedom with a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy.   

Question:   We already have a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy

Rev. Coté:    Yes,  I know, and the public is being spoon fed stories that justify what our so-called-leaders are doing.   With every crisis, a new set of laws are quickly passed -- a set of laws that steal more of the people's freedom and give more power to the executive branch of government.   The privatization of the government services is occurring at a rapid rate.   

Question:   What about the huge financial deficits being created?    

Rev. Coté:    Excessive government deficit spending has a predictable outcome.   "Resident" Bush may be an idiot, but those behind him certainly are not.   The destruction of the economic system had to be intentional.    

Question:   Why do you say that?    

Rev. Coté:    Because, in terms of monetary policies, we are following the same path that led to the October 1929 stock market crash and the resultant, serious, several-year depression of the 1930's.  If the present path to destruction continues, the economy will collapse and humans will not have the capacity to reverse Runaway Global Warming before it becomes unstoppable.


Update - Aug 09:  Regarding the Economy, the Obama administration is hardly any better.   Unfortunately,  they're still peddling the banking industry's message.   For an alternative, readers are directed to these two websites:

1)    Here's how to end the home foreclosure crisis:    


2)    Here's how to fund city, county, state, and federal  governments with minimal taxation or with no taxation at all:



Question:   So then, where are we?    

Rev. Coté:    Back to speculating about who is doing what and why.   

Question:   And Mr. Bush?    

Rev. Coté:    All I can go on is his behavior.   His actions are NOT those of a rational, reasonable, normal, mentally healthy  human being.   Remember the quote,  "By their fruits, you shall know them."  Just look what he's doing.   He must be insane or a secret rapture peddler.   As still another example, just yesterday, (3 Feb 08) I heard him on the news saying that he intends to deficit spend another four-hundred billion dollars in his last year in office.     

Question:    What's wrong with that?

Rev. Coté:    Deficit financing is stealing money.   Someone ALWAYS has to pay the bills.   And in the case of government deficit spending, it's the people who pay all the bills.    Money is one of the two most critical aspects of human life that are desperately in need of major awakening and fundamental changes.    

Question:    Why do you say that?

Rev. Coté:    Because humanity's well-being  is presently suffering from a serious disease called Deficit Financing    This is nothing new.   For centuries, money lenders have manipulated people for the lenders advantage.    The difference is that our present society, deficit financing has gotten way out of hand.    It's destructive power presently  far outweighs its benefits.    

"Resident" Bush is seriously afflicted with this disease, and because of his position and the government's creation and control of fiat money,  we are all suffering from the affect of deficit financing.    Mr. Bush and his cronies are peddling the world's most lucrative financial con.   

Question:    How is deficit financing  stealing money?

It's an financial con game and here's how it works: "If you can't steal the money, then  steal the value out of the money."   The prices of all the things you buy have not risen.   The value of the dollars you buy them with has gone down so it takes more dollars, today, to buy the same things you bought last year.   Technically the value of the dollar has gone down because Bush and company have pumped billion of dollars  into the economy by spending money that they don't have  --  money that does not exist. 

This issue is too complicated to go into here.  For the full truth on this, please go to TLC-Life-Center's website on money at:


Question:    What's the second area that needs revision?  

Rev. Coté:    Religion, but that's another story for another day.   If you are really interested go to these three TLC-Life-Center websites:    

* Are You Inside or Outside of God --  http://www.Truth-Seeker-Truth.info 

* Does God Exist  --  http://www.Does-God-Exist.net  

* A Reality Check on Life  --   An Interview with the Devil    

Question:    Is there any way to find our if Mr. Bush is really is a Rapture believer?  

Rev. Coté:    Yes.   Ask him point blank in a public setting, "Do you believe in The  Rapture?   I don't  have access to him so I can't personally ask that question,  but I'd love to find someone who can.   

We are looking for someone who will  put up a $5,000 reward to be paid to the first person who asks Mr. Bush the following question in a public forum --  in a setting where he can't duck the question, and who presses the issue until he gets a straight answer:    "Do you, George Bush,  believe in the Rapture?"


Update - Aug 09:  Since "Resident" Bush in no longer in the Whitehouse, asking him this question in no longer necessary, however this is  still an appropriate question to be asking of congressmen, senators, governors and the other politicians who are ignoring Runaway Global Warming.   This question should also be asked of all future political candidates.


Question   Any takers on that offer?  

Rev. Coté:    Not yet.   And not that it matters, but someone recently reminded me that "bush" is a four-letter word.    But so is "love," so anything you make out of saying that "bush" is a four-letter word is your own creation.   




   Six Simple Steps            ...

Six Simple Steps Are About to Change the World !

Question:    Is there anything else?     

Rev. Coté:    Yes, one last point.   Joining  The New Corporate World  and participating in the Win-Win Business Structure  will cause the present focus on  money-at-the-expense-of-everything-else  to be  drastically reduced and  replaced by cooperation.   Participating in  The New Corporate World will inspire hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people to focus on cooperation for the highest good of all rather than fighting, lying, stealing, and cheating for a few dollars more.   

As you probably learned, but may have forgotten,  cooperation has time after time, for centuries, proven itself  to be far superior to fighting and cutthroat competition.  The positive potential of cooperation is so awesome that the only thing we can say with certainty is that:  The six Simple Steps into the New Corporate world  Are About to Change Just About Everything !

Question:    Ok, now what?   Where do we go from here?     

Rev. Coté:    We have to change beliefs, attitudes and behavior before disaster strikes big time.   NCW offers a context in which that is possible.  

Question:    That's the concept.   Now how to we turn that into a doable,  measurable activity?     

Rev. Coté:    The next step is to find a few open-minded men (and/or women) who will become the corporate leaders in this planetary transformation.   Because it’s also so incredible simple to implement, all it will take is for two or three corporations to voluntarily make the change and prove its value.    When the NCW success becomes obvious, others will follow.     

The positive potential of this  change in corporate strategy  is so phenomenal, so far-reaching, and so all-encompassing  that it's hard to even imagine what the world will be like when it's actually in place.   

Question:    What does one have to do in order to become a part of The New Corporate World?   

Rev. Coté:    Those who lead this transformation must:  

1)   Be aware of the imminent danger and the cost of not changing, 

2)   Become ground-breakers and role models 
 for The New Corporate Business Structure,

3)   Be willing to break their company's addiction to profits at the expense of everything else.


Update - Nov 2011 We are no longer waiting for someone else to see the value of the corporation/foundation partnership.   We are building the role model partnership and at the same time solving a major social, economic, and environmental problem.   Reference:  California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation   (CAHR Foundation)


Question:    I'd like to help but I don't run a corporation.   How can I assist you?

Rev. Coté:   We are seeking:  Publicity  --  Short-term funding  --  Connections to corporate leaders  --  Suggestions  --  Endorsements  --  Blogging assistance  --  Grant writing  --  Book and website editing  --  Etc.   If you can assist us in any of these ways, please contact us  If you have a website, we invite a link exchange.   

Also, are you clear that The New Corporate World Foundation's Project  is a simple but incredibly effective way of making a huge step toward the Reversal of Global Warming?

Question:    Yes.    

Rev. Coté:    Then you can assist by contacting anybody and everybody you know who is concerned about Global Warming, including organizations, authors, and celebrities you may know.   Also talk to your family, your  friends, and the people you work with. 

Photocopy this interview and send it to your political representatives.  Send it to magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations.   Send it to the environmentally friendly organizations and corporations that you know about.  

Get this interview or a story about The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure  or a story about  Nature's Doomsday Machine   into any publications that will accept them.   Email links to the online version of this interview to all of the above people and organizations.   Use your imagination.   Think up something and just do it!   Contact Us  with any ideas you come up with.  

Invite them to visit our website:  

Invite them to read this interview (or the expanded version) online at: 

And you can take a significant step yourself  by supporting those of us who are actively working to Reverse Global Warming.     


Thank you!

Robert Cote,   Co-Director,  TLC-Life-Center,   818/727-0727 

Click here for our Email address  


Please also pass this message  along to others. 

Then go to:


You’ll be guided from there.




Notes and References


**rgw2    **rgw2    

Estimates of the actual see level rise range from three feet to about forty feet.   There is enough water frozen in the polar ice caps, in Greenland, Iceland in the mountain glaciers to raise the ocean level by 200 feet.   Even if the rise is only the minimum prediction, ( three feet) that will displace the 100 million people who live within three feet of sea level.  

  Money Machines  

Under the current financial structure, most major corporations have been turned into money machines feeding profits to their lenders (stockholders) with utter disregard for their employees, their customers, and the environment.    They function for one purpose and one purpose only -- to feed money to their investors.  

The corporation's physical products and/or its  services have become by-products in a money machine.    Employees are treated as little more than disposable tool used for the production of money.   Their entire reason for being has become:  "To produce money for investors."  Nothing else matters, including the environment.

Most employees are stuck doing jobs they don't want to do.   They are only doing those jobs because they need money to survive.   Even if they don't owe anybody money, they are still being milked for money by an economic system set up by the wealthy and for the wealthy.    On a larger scale, the corporations are in the same predicament as the individuals.  


The debt from deficit financings  is not simply passed on to future generations.


 ***     Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887:  "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.   Great men are almost always bad men."


 ***   Reference:     http://www.TLC-Life-Center.info/lunatic-fringe.html  '   



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