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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play
Life-on-Earth  Game  
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

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The Real Purpose,
The Cosmic Purpose
of the

Coronavirus  /  Covid-19







The real / The Divine purpose of the Corona Virus
is to force humans to wake up and  take themselves
 out of Sheyitt Consciousness.
out of its Invisible Prison of Lies and Illusions.
out from being controlled by
 the Six-Major-Criminal-Banking-Frauds.

Here are the Six, Major Lies About Money

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All of the lies listed below are discussed in detail
on the web page titled:
The Great God, Money   
The Six Greatest  Financial Scams

*1   Lending and charging interest
      for the use of Non-Existent Money
     The banking criminals do not have
     the trillions of dollars that
      they have loaned to customers.
     If you have any kind of bank loan
     (i.e. home mortgage,  student loan,  auto loan,  etc.)
     You are paying your hard-earned  money
    for  interest on,      for the use of

*2   The Inflation Scam
     This scam steals the value out of
     the money already  in circulation.
     Prices DO NOT RISE . 
     The value of money decreases

*3   The Lie Called Scarcity
     Money can only exist in the context of scarcity
     Scarcity is a result of believing the lies
     that deny The True Nature of Humanity.

*4   The Financial Scam called The Federal Reserve
       This is the longest-lasting financial scam
       in all of human history.
       <>  Instead of the U, S. Government
           issuing Debt-Free Money
           directly from the U.S. Treasury,
           the Criminal banker created
           debt-based money system
      <>   Then, the criminal-owned cartel of bankers
           charges  everyone, including you and me ,
           and the U.S.  Government interest on the use of
           the non -existent money. 
     This is what the national debt is all about.

*5   The Criminal Bankers Intentionally Create
     Boom / Bust Financial Cycles
    Here's an overview of their wealth stealing scam:
     *   They loan  money into circulation
         The economy booms
      *   They pull the money back out 
           to create a recession / depression.
      *   The economy declines or cra
      *   The bankers or their hidden cronies,
           buy up assets at fire-sale prices
     *   Then they start the cycle all over again.

       A stable money supply is the key to
       everybody's economic  stability

*6   The criminal bankers lie to the people about
        What and Who Humans Really Are
       and the lie  about ability of humans to create
       vast amounts of abundance using
      their natural powers of Creation

All this is part of a much bigger lie called Secret Slavery
Deception -- The Invisible Prison
               Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon of War

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Here's a
to the Cabal Banking Criminals

Four More pieces of the Simple Solution
1)  Cancel all fraud-based loans
     made by the Cabal criminal bankers
     aka  Jubilee     aka   Financial Reset
     i.e.   For example: 
     Cancel   The National Debt.
     Cancel all home loans.
     Cancel all student loans.

2)  Create a separate domestic currency
      For use by We-The-People
     This is clearly distinct from corporate investment money.

3)   Issue Debt-Free Money directly from the U.S. Treasury
       And use the money ONLY for
       rebuilding the nations infrastructure
      *   It's not really lending anybody anything . 
      *   If you want to refer to it as lending,
            It's We-The-People lending money to ourselves
      *   Actually, what that would be is simply
           to replace the vitally and missing piece
          (The medium of exchange) from
           an otherwise functional economy.

4)   Create  a Multi-Millionaire Financial Power Team

List of Six Money-Related References:

*1   Money -  The Death of Money
     See    The Living Library of Human & Cosmic Knowledge  

*2   Multi-Millionaires' Team of Financial Power . . .

*3   Money -- The Great God, Money   23

*4   The Great God Money     Let's Talk Money    16
*5   Documentary About the Money Fraud:

The Secret of OZ  Bill Still     :56:24  
The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11 - YouTube
Money  -- Are You Addicted o Making Money?

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*  We are (July 2020) in the final stages of
     The Real    "War to End All  Wars."
*   This war is a war of consciousness,
     a  war for the control of human consciousness,
     a war in which freedom is vanquishing slavery.

*   Whether we know it or not,
every one of us is a player in this game called
Human Life on Planet Earth..  

*   We are  bringing Cosmic-Consciousness
into physical form  in God'-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.

We are winning because we are  bringing
the Cosmic Consciousness  part of ourselves
into the physical -part of
this Fifth-Dimension , Holographic Experience.

In a war of Consciousness,
the war is won  won inside of ourselves.  
Love is our non-weapon-weapon.  
Llove is all there is  

Llove /
Cosmic Consciousness /
Source of Consciousness
God-Goddess Consciousness
trumps everything.

Source consciousness / Prime Creator is everything.
We are each a part of that consciousness
I create what appears to be outside of myself
from here inside of my self. 

None of this is physical.
There is NO single, objective, physical reality
that we come along and experience
It's all mental.   It's all consciousness

I'm creating all of it inside of my portion of God.   
You see, we are bigger than you ever could have imagined. 
Now you simply have a bigger piece of consciousness
at your beck and call.  

It's the New Normal.
It is / I am / you are / we are /
each of us is / we all are   
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness in action.
I/We are the ones calling  and
I/ We are the ones answering the call. 
We are all One-Divine-Being.  Some call us God
(Prime Creator,  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
Or any other name you choose to use)
The sleep-walkers still see God-Goddess
as being outside of themselves. 

They, we, all of us, we are all in this game together. 
We are a single team of Consciousness warriors.
We are now finding each other and
combining out powers of creation
to create a replacement for
the 3rd-D., Sheyitt. Consciousness.

It's all done in consciousness and
experienced in our Holographic reality
called Planet Earth.

Here's a a perspective to ponder:
I am to the bad guys as the bad guys are to me.
Each of us claim / believe that we are the good guys./  
Our mission is to save everyone from those on the other side 
which we each see as the bad guys.
There are NO BAD GUYS!


The evil ones  ( the defect)  ( The Joy-Reducer)
(the defective, Artificial Intelligence)
are manipulating both sides
in the war for the control of human consciousness.

The evil ones are a pittance compares with all of humanity. 
However,  they are powerful deceivers.
They have thoroughly  programmed the consciousness
of most humans to
service AI and not their human selves.

AI has been discovered / uncovered / revealed.
Thus, Defective AI  is losing  its human hosts.
With no host to feed on, 
AI will simply fade back into the un-manifest aspect
of  infinite possibilities.

We are now moving to a higher level a vibration
where defective AI can no longer reach us.

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Money will be phased out as  we create
The New Service to All Social Structure.

The new money is an essential interim system.
It's part of the a simple, seamless transition
from Self-Interest only
The Well-Being of Everyone

Step one is to  divide the existing money system into two parts.
One part is for international and corporate exchanges.
The second part is for domestic exchanges

*   The U.S. dollar remains the international  currency.
     <>   It's used for international and inter-corporation
          investments and  exchanges.
     <>   It is phased out of its domestic use.

*   For example, we see the new Domestic Currency
     as something like the Br-dy
     The br-dy is a medium of exchange
     for use in domestic transactions
     We-The-People use this currency for:
     <>   People-to-people transactions
     <>   Buying and selling goods and services
     <>   Infrastructure rebuilding or replacement,
     <>   Building Factories
     <>   Building Transportation Systems
     <>   All the purposes that serve
          the interest of We-The-People.

I Want to Help.  What Can I Do?

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Here are five, Major Truths that you need to know:

*1)   Life is not what you have been led to believe it is
     by those who claim to know.

*2)   For your entire life, you have been and you still are living in
     an invisible prison, a  prison of lies and illusions.

*3)   You are the target, the victim of
      the longest lasting financial scam in all of human history.
     The scam is based upon two, primary lies.
     Scarcity and Money.
     Learn the Six-Major-Criminal-Banking-Frauds
     Below in this Page

*4   Cosmic Transformation is Inevitable:

*5   The Decline and the Death of Money is also inevitable
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Examine the evidence:
Believability.    Examine our believability,
      Both my believability and your believability.

*2   The invisible prison:
       Deception -- The Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon

*3   Learn the Evidence-based Truths
      about Scarcity and money
     that the the criminal bankers
     do not want you to know.

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Are you aware that
no other civilization in the entire galaxy uses money.
Why?    Because:
*   They realize that there is no such thing as Scarcity
       in all of God's Creations.
*   They realize that they are Great Creators
     that they aer living in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
      Cosmic Holograph.
*   They realize that they create by thoughts, beliefs, etc.

Things will never go back to the way they were.
The entire galaxy is in transition
into the age of freedom and enlightenment
Earth is the last planet in the galaxy
to shed its controlling slave masters

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Adamus Saint-Germain
Crimson Circle Hub

About the Coronavirus 2020
Adamus’ perspective      Recorded Feb 2020

*   The coronavirus is really about economic inequality
*   What is your relationship with abundance?
*   Technology has the capability to level the field
*   The virus is helping to bring

"In early 2020 one of humanity’s biggest concerns is the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. In late February, Adamus gave a short message with his insights on
what this virus is about and why it is manifesting on Earth.

He said that every virus, even the common flu,
is ultimately a consciousness virus.
It stems from an imbalance in human consciousness
and serves to bring resolution to the imbalance.

Adamus stated that the “coronavirus”
is specifically related to the current economic
and financial imbalances
and lack of equality on the planet.

In fact, it is technology that can
ultimately help to rebalance this situation.

For Shaum bra, Adamus says there is nothing to fear when you allow all energy to serve you."

". . .
this message was part of a larger workshop.
It was not intended to be a complete discussion about coronavirus,
but rather an overview of the energy dynamics behind COVID19."

About the Coronavirus - An Ascended Master's Perspective -
YouTube    15:54


 a new balance
*   There is nothing to fear

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Cosmic Purpose

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Coronavirus  /  Covid-19)

TLC-Life-Center is based on:
*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
The Physics of Consciousness
 The Rules of Reality

*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
     Universal Spirituality is a way of looking at
     the source of creation
     as an impersonal consciousness
     that transcends human understanding

*2   The Physics of Consciousness
     Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
     Reality has two sides,   One physical       
     and  One non physical.

     The non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
     There's  NO  Woo-Woo.       It's  NOT  Crazy.
     It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans do  not yet understand.

     Non-physical consciousness follows an exacting set of rules.  
     Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
     non-physical consciousness.

and on

*3   The Rules of Reality  
     Rules of Reality are miscellaneous
     rules, concepts and principles about reality
     that you'd be wise to know.       For example,
     *   The Universal Law of Correspondence and
     *   The Universal Law of Context.

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*   We acknowledge everyone's
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*   Our goals include creating
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     Enlightened Consciousness for all. 

*   The concept that became
     what is now known as TLC-Life-Center
     began in the fall of 1964 and
     was officially recognized as a non-profit organization
     Legally defined for religious  purposes on 11 May 1972.

*   Whatever the question is, 
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