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  Concept Summary  



Source/Creator/ God-Goddess has
raised the vibration of our entire Universe
from third dimension consciousness
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

The Cosmic shift has  altered our physical reality
in ways that most humans do not yet see.  
It opened us to our real, divine, infinite potential.  

We now have the power to re-create our world
any way we choose it to be.  
However, we, ourselves, must choose / decide
what we want to create and then we do the creating.  

We must also do the personal changing,
the letting go, the forgiving, the forgetting, and 
be a lot more Lloving.   

We now have the power, the tools the guides and coaches. 
What we do with this potential is up to us. 

<><><>   <><><>  <><><>    

We have been offered major guidance
from four, galactic civilizations: 
Pleiadians,   Essassani,   Sirians,  and Arcturians.  

I / you / we are invited to associate / co-create
with one of them or none of them.   
To learn more go to:  
Pleiadian Malakai Talks About 11-11-2016
A Nexus Point from Starseed Communications     

The Essassani are an ideal match with
the mission of TLC-Life-Center.  
Thus, we have chosen to
co-create our new reality
as a blend of Human Essence and Essassani Essence. 

Human essence adds form / structure,
free will, and emotional power.  
We (humans) have the capacity
to take the  essence of Source/ Creator
deeper into physical form it has ever been
in all of cosmic history.   
We also have the Spiritual/ Divine Potential
that exceeds most other Galactic civilizations.  

Essassani culture is scientific.  
The Essassani people  are known for
taking things to their positive extremes.
Their essence adds levels of Truth, Llove, humor, delight, joy,
and ecstasy that are way beyond
anything humans have ever experienced.  

Now, with the above, we create the real prize in all of this.  

***   The core human longing is
to return to Source /Creator God-Goddess.

***   We hear from human consciousness pioneers 
like Delores Cannon:   
People in my hypnotherapy session tell
that they want o go home,   
They don't know where home is.  
They just know that this isn't it

***   From people like Simon Parks,
we hear  statements to the effect that
the Galactic Civilizations are technologically
way more advanced than humans are, however:   

Human, Spiritual/Divine Potential

exceeds anything most of the other civilizations have.

I, Rev Robert Cote',  have been
blessed with Fifth Dimension Consciousness and
blessed  with the vision and the "blueprint"
of how to put all of this together

What  The Mysti Crystal Collective 
is creating right here on Earth is:
Being at Home with God,
while experiencing
Divine, Self- Exploration,
Divine Self-Gratification, and
Divine Self-Expression
while in a human body and
while sharing all this
with fellow, fully-God-Conscious Divine beings
who are also in physical bodies. 

This has never been done before in physical form
in all of cosmic history.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   

What are we physically doing?  

We are beginning by creating a Fifth Dimension,
Cosmic Awareness Training Center.  

Our intention is to show people how to use:
***   the rules of Fifth Dimension Consciousness
***   their five physical senses,   
***   their power of imagination,  and
***   the power of their emotions, 
as  tools for re-creating their individual lives. 

When we play together as teams,
the results will be beyond profound.  

Also, this is our way of doing our part
in re-creating the Earth-plain's new,
human collective consciousness.  

This page is an over view of  our co-creation.






   Page Content  


Editor's Note      

Concept Summary     

Creating The Misty Crystal      

Creating A Home Base  


Our  Physical Location   <<><>><>  

The Truths You Will Learn     

An Essassani-Style Experience      







  Creating The Mysti Crystal Collective  



Essassani essence (Misty) and human essence (Crystal)
are co-creating a new form that is
the blending of two unique and different essences.  
The result is something that neither could ever create alone. 

Human essence adds form / structure,
free will, and emotional power.  
We (humans) have the capacity
to take the essence of Source/ Creator
deeper into physical form it has ever been
in all of cosmic history.   
We also have the Spiritual/ Divine Potential
that exceeds most other Galactic civilizations.  


Essassani culture is scientific.  
The Essassani people  are known for
taking things to their positive extremes.
Their essence adds levels of Llove, humor, delight, joy,
and ecstasy that are way beyond
anything humans have ever experienced.  

Lets apply the Law of Correspondence,
and look at this association with a symbolic analogy.  

When Robert Fulton created the steam engine,
he was not required to develop any new technology.  

Everything he needed
already existed in physical form
right here on Earth.  
He took pieces of
the existing technology of his day and
created something
that previously did not exist.  

When Fulton's creation got put
into a railroad locomotive,
his steam engine resulted in
another, new piece of technology 
The Railroad Locomotive.  

The consequences of railroad transportation
transformed the entire Earth.  

The blending of Essassani Essence and
Earth-Human Essence is creating

The Fifth Dimension equivalent of
third dimension's Steam Engines.

The new technology is called
The Mysti Crystal.   

The combination of  
Essassani Essence and Earth-Human Essence
is creating something
that will alter the entire Universe to a level
that it has never experienced before.  Here's why:.  

Add these ingredients together:  
***  Free will,  
***   Masterful powers of creation, 
***   Physical, multi-sensuality (the five senses)     
***   High scientific development,
***   Infinite abundance,  
***   Freedom / Liberty / Sovereignty

***   The ability to experience things, situation, places,
        adventures, and explorations that are
        way beyond our wildest imagination.  

***    Extremely positive  levels of Llove, Truth, Humor, Delight, Joy,
         Tactile Sensuality, Tactile Sexuality, and Ecstasy  
          levels that are way beyond
          anything humans have ever experienced.  

Put that together and what have you got?    

The Mysti Crystal Collective    

<><><>   <><><>   <><><> 

The invitation has been sent to you.  
Before you join us,
check out your other options. 
(Pleiadians     Sirians     Arcturians      ______  ).  
Ask them what they have to offer. 






   Creating A Home Base  


We are creating an Earthly home base for ourselves
to use to explore the mysteries of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess as  She 
Explores Herself,
Expresses Herself, and 
Fulfills  Herself
while in physical form. 

In case you are still thinking from 3D consciousness,
in case you think we are referring to
something outside of yourself,
realize that it is you, me, and everyone else who is the
God-Goddess doing the exploring,
the expressing and the fulfilling.

<><><>    <><><> 

While others choose paths like exploring the universes,
our job is to create a home base
where we are fulfilled to overflowing and
where we use our access to infinite abundance
to show former third dimension mind-control prisoners
how they may do likewise for themselves.  






Our Physical Location  


Our physical center (FahZoom Town)
will be in a beautiful, natural setting. 
Two areas come to mind,
Northern California and Southern Vermont.  
We will begin looking in these areas.  
Perhaps something better will show up.  
We will go where the wisdom of our hearts lead us. 

Once we find our FahZoom Town Location,
our job is to turn it into our version of heaven on Earth.      






   Our Communication Style  


You will soon notice  that
there are no leaders, no gurus, only way showers. 
There are only those of us who walked
the path of Light and Llove in timelines
that give the impression that they were there first.  

We are not teachers. 
We simple guide you into
conditions, position, and  circumstance
where you learn how to be who and what you are,
a God-Being experiencing yourself in physical form.  

You may find us, blunt, direct, and to the point, and 
sometimes a bit crude. 
We will not leave out pieces of the truth
because we think you are
too candy-assed to fully face reality.  

If we rattle you cage to hard, relax,
take a few  moments to breath deeply,
feel the power of the underlying Llove that
gently lifts you into the arms of freedom.      <> <> <> <> <> <>






   The Truths You Will Learn  


If you believe you are human,
check out our perspectives of
The Rules of Reality.  
You'll need to understand them,
no matter what path you choose:  

Everything Is Part of a Single, Unified Whole     

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings       

We Live in a Holographic Universe  

Humans Are Great Creators   

<><><>   <><><>  <><><>      

Here are three of the main (basic)
consciousness expanding tools:  

The Universal Law of Context   

The Universal Law of Correspondence  

The Universal Law of Thought   

<><><>  <><><>

Contact Us.  
We'll show you how to combine:  
***   Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
***   Your imagination,  
***   Your emotions,
***   Universal Energy,
***   Your breath,  
***   Your physical body,  
***   Your five body senses.  

      For the joy of the experience 

Why joy? 
      Because it feels good. 

Why feel good?  
     Because that's your natural sate of being.  

Why My natural state of being?. 
      For the Joy of the experience..  

Why joy? 
      Because it feels good.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

Every act of  combining
is an act of creation. 
I   you,   we,   every one of us,  
we are all great creators.  
When we learn to create together,
the results will be beyond orgasmic.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  








   An Essassani-Style Experience  


Are you aware that
a group of people
simultaneously sitting quietly
and meditation for
an imagined result
actually move
the collective, human behavior
in a particular direction.    

What would be the result
if we invited
every person in the entire world
to experience an orgasm
between 12:00 noon, Grinich mean time and
1:00 p.m. Grinch mean time
on new years day,
while focusing on and
directing their orgasmic energy into
the unity of all human kind

Here's an alternative for those whose
condition, situations, or preferences are
not to create sexually inspired emotional energy.   

They are invited use sensual invoked energy
such as a foot rub or a body massage.  

Another alternative is to sip on their favorite beverage or
eat their favorite food
during the entire designated hour
while focusing on the unity of all human kind. 
Another alternative is
an hour of focused meditation.

For that hour, everybody is inspired to
focus on, think about, and/or talk about
ONLY the unity of all human kind

Imagine the strength and the power of that much
positive, human, emotional energy
all focused on a single topic all at the same time.  






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