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Welcome to Adventures   into
Fifth  Dimension  Consciousness

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Travel  with  us  as  we
iscover,  Uncover  &  Reveal
the  Secrets  Hidden  Inside  of
Universal  Consciousness

Learn WHAT and  WHO  you really are.?
     Think  of Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
as a Fifth-Dimension version of a Sherlock Holmes Detective Story


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  Are you  free
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Profound Opportunity-




On Your First Reading of This Page
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TO:    All Who Choose Llove
FROM:   Robert Cote'  
RE        Profound Opportunity FOR EVERYONE

We-The-People of Planet Earth,
are, for a short time only, inside of
the window of opportunity for the
most Profound,
most Delightful,
most Exciting, 
Most Rapid Change
in all of Human history.

Very soon, the conditions
 and circumstances will change
and the opportunity will be gone forever,

The above link will take you to
 what I discovered / uncovered
and I now disclose to you:

Thank you.
Blessings Be Llove

Robert Cote”  aka   Ahum FahZoom
author of 
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness~
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~.  ...
Join our team.
Huge Financial Rewards
Phenomenal perks

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  Are you Free
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Earth-umans are
the Twelfth Civilization
to Join the Galaxy's Network of
Living Libraries of Cosmic Knowledge. 




.On Your First Reading of These Sections, 
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

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Our Five Areas of Focus are:
 *1   To prevent the easily preventable
              otherwise inevitable 
                   Ultimate Worthy Cause~
                        Before it turns into a deadly,
                             social, environmental, and
                                  trillion-dollar financial disaster.

..*2   Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.
    Learn What and Who You Really Are.~ 

  *3   Money -- Its  Source,  Its Purpose,
              Its  Consequences,   Its Challenge  
               "The Final Solution.!"

  *4   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

  *5   The Sensual-Delights Network.

Why so many points of focus.?
*   Because all five are part of
     a single, unified whole.
*   Because Everything is Consciousness~
*   Because we are God-beings
*   Becausewe live i a Holographic universe
*   Because we are great creators
*   Because everything is create by thought

***   We are masters in our
five fields of expertise.

***   Regarding the other area s of study,
most of that is still in our

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Our Live, online Fifth-Dimension-Book is titled
Adventures into Fifth-ddimension-Consciousness.
Find us here at:

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The Context / Where Are we.?

***   As an analogy, (Link to Law of correspondence.)
Third-Dimension, Earth humans (collectively)
are like an orchestra
in which  the cabal criminals are
the orchestra's  conductor.

Everybody has chosen to mindlessly
and without question follow a single. external Leader.

***   Again, as another musical analogy,
humanity is growing into a network of
mutually cooperating 
and mutually supporting
jazz bands.

***   The members of a Jazz band
decide on their point of focus 
and their style of playing 

Humanity is growing / is evolving into
a mutually cooperating and
mutually supporting network of Jazz Bands.

*** For example
Our Community-grown network
of gardens and farms  
are owned and locally managed
both personally and collectively.

***   Each month, at the time of the full moon,
we celebrate  Life, Llove, Cooperation,
Sharing,   Ccaring,  Freedom, and
God/Goddes's  Twelve Gifts

***   The celebration is the 13th step,
This steep complets the cycle. 
Step 13  is:
     integrating the previous steps
               appreciating,  and
                    expressing our gratitude
                              Life and Llove
     This makes us ready to begin a new cycle of 12.

One of the first things to  realize is that
We live in a Thinking-RPerson's  Universe

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Living  Library Universal-Consciousness ..     .....
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  Are you Free
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2021-Dec 13



***   Your Life is NOT
what you have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.

***   The overwhelming evidence tells us that
we  (all of humanity)  have been mind manipulated
to believe that we live in a physical world.  
We Don't.
We live in a  God/goddess-created
world of cosmic consciousness.

***   The physical world
is an imitation of a physical world.
The physical world is literally
made of consciousness,
a consciousness that gives
the illusion of being multi-sense-physical.

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***   If you love your family,
then you owe it to your family.,
to your children, and to yourself
to examine the evidence.

***   Look into your children's eyes
and into the eyes of your beloved life partner
and answer this question:
***   Are they valuable enough to you
for you to at least take the time
to examine the evidence.?
***   That evidence is about to be
presented to you?

***  I'll guarantee that until
you take the time to examine the evidence,
you are not going to believe
the knowledge/ and the understanding that
 I am about to share you.

***   My name is Robert Cote'
I am an investigative journalist,
a researcher,  and the author of both
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness
The Seven Lost secrets of Llove.

***  I have spent the last 32 years
seeking the evidentiary truth
about the nature of
human and cosmic reality.
***   I spent 25 years before that
 learning, studying and becoming qualified
to speak with the authority that
God/Goddess and the evidentiary truth
have presented to me.
Please examine my qualification
 and my believability

***   We, you, .me, all  Earth-Humans,
Are part of a (use-to-be-secret)
Cosmic-level war for the control of
human consciousness and for
the control of the physical Earth, itself.

***   It takes about a month of study
to overcome your skepticism
 and about seventy days to learn
the basic of Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.

My job, now, is to guide you, 
through the initial learning phase.

***   You don't  have to learn any of this
however, if you choose not to learn,
you will not be compatible with
the new, high vibrational Earth energy,
and God/Goddess will take you elsewhere
to continue your personal journey
back to God/Goddess Consciousness.

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  5   About-TLC-Life-Center
  6   The-Context-We-Are-In
  7   .Everybody-Has-a-Sheyitt-Story.....

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  Are you Free
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Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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About the  Author of
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Robert Cote'   aka   Aum FahZoom

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About-TLC-Life-Center   ...

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  Are you Free
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*   We are into the time that has been labeled
     "The  Great Awakening."

*   The entire planet is moving
      from third-dimension, service to self
     to Fifth-Dimension,,  Service to All

*   Our present  social structure, 
     (ie. the corporate hierarchy)
     (i.e. the Cabal, central-control- system
     i(i.e.the  top-down hierarchy)
     (i.e.  scarcity and the need for money)
      (i.e. the time of our so-called leaders
             controlling the people)

*   Our social structure is moving into
     o lateral control system. 
     Here's what that means:
*   Multitudes of self-aware people
     are realizing that those in control
     are mostly Cabal criminals
     or mind controlled by the Cabal criminals
***   People are gathering together
     and functioning in
     small, local,  social structures
     sharing with and supporting each other..

*   Most of those who think of themselves as
     are only on step one of
     an eight-step, awakening  process.
*   This website will take you through
     the remaining  seven steps.
*   We call this process iof remembering
     The Secen Lost Secrets of Llove.

*   This change is a  personal and collective
     change in consciousness.
     Our change in consciousness
     will inspire new and unusual physical activities.
     The result will  dramatically change both
      our  personal lives  and collative, world..

*   Welcome to the world of

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  Page  Title:

  Are you Free
  or are you a


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In the context, the conditions,
 and the circumstances
that we chose to be were born into,
every one of us has s Sheyitt story to tell.

The question is,
How does focusing your attention 
on your sheyitt story serve you?
Remember the Universal Law of Thought
gives us more of what we focus our attention on.

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  Page  Title:

  Are you Free
  or are you a


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REVISED 19-04-09




Are you a mind-controlled slave?
Find your answer here.

Source/Creator/ God-Goddess
is still allowing AI  (Artificial Intelligence)
to secretly control all of Earth life.

AI gives orders to  The Cabal  Criminals.
The Cabal Criminals control the slaves.
The slaves?   That's humanity.  That's YOU!
That used to me me.

Until that changes, you have two choices,

*   You can sit back, do nothing, and
     continue your present
     life of Sheyitt  and misery in
     The Cabal's Secret Mind-Control Prison
*   You can learn about your Godhood.
     Once you understand that
ou are a God-Being experiencing
   human life in God-Goddess's  Cosmic Holograph,
     you automatically  become part of
     our new high-vibration
     Fifth Dimension humanity.

Once enough of us become 5th-D-Aware,
humanity will vibrate so high that
the low-vibration AI    and    their Cabal minions
will  no longer be able to access us.

Are You Ready For
     an Eye-Opening Truth
         About Your Physical Life
              Here on Earth?

You Are Ready.  
                  Here it is:
For centuries, our so-called leaders
have given us  only lies and broken promises.
There have been some
behind the scenes changes,
But  none of them have been
shared with 
None of them are visible to the average human.

We are being treated like farm animals,
to be herded here     and there . . . 
and controlled    as if we were    their property.

So far,  our so-called leaders have given us only
more fighting, more arguing,
more of  the same, tired, old Sheyitt.
They do the same thing harder
and they have no idea why it
fails and fails and fails some more.

They still refuse to give us
vitally needed free energy technology
in spite of the fact that it is

FREE ENERGY is available right now
right where you live
The required physical parts are:  
Readily available    
Easy-to produce,  
Easy to install   and    Easy to use. 
The energy users pay nothing.
Everything is FREE.   EVERYTHING!

Where are
YOU on his topic?
Most of humanity is still
Sitting in Sheyitt Consciousness
Doing whatever stupid does?

Enough IS Enough
I  Say,   
It's Time for a Change!    

The 22 Steps into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Below on this page.

What Do You Think?




C S 18-06-22




Listed below, we have
Twenty Two  
Fifth Dimension Tools

You choose which ones you'd like to apply to your life.

Although some of the tools
seem way too good to be true,
all of them,   every one of them,
is based on fifth Dimension Consciousness,
and on significant evidence.
Most, like The  Full Moon  Llove Celebrations,
are in the very early stages of development.    

* * * ONE
Let's begin with the freedom/slavery test
So, you believe you are free.
I'll bet you are a mind-controlled slave
and you do not yet know it.
Do you dare to take
The Freedom/Slavery Test?

* * * TWO
            Looking-for-Llove        Looking-for-Llove
Are You Looking for Llove?~  
Here's How to find it.
Learn The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~
We recommend this page as your second choice

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

* * * THREE
As your third  tool we recommend

The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove (being of Service)
This tool fits together in exquisite
and perfect harmony with

The First Lost Secret of Llove (giving Llove).
Both are in perfect alignment with
Who and What Humans are
Both are in perfect alignment with
The True Nature of a Human Being

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

* * * FOUR    Four
Our fourth recommendation is that
     We Put Llove into Action

Local Community Organic Food Gardens with
*   National Coordination and Support System and
*   Huge, Paradise Food Gardens
      in  Southern California and Southern Texas.
*   Privately Owned Gardens   Plus   Community-Owned Gardens.
*   Healthy food.   Feed your family.
*   Food for everyone.  --  Free and/or low cost.
*   Jobs for those willing to work.
*  We are in an essential and profitable industry
*   All   by,  of,  and  for
*   We create our own food production / Distributing syatem
*   100% of the profits belong to We-The-People.
*   Apply for a job today.

* * * FIVE
Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
Every month at the time of the Full Moon
we celebrate our Godhood.
We honor Source Creator's Gifts of Life and Llove.

We celebrate and experience
Llove in all five physical senses.
The power of our collective focus
will rapidly move humanity into
Freedom, Joy, and abundance for all

Every full moon, join with others.
Wherever you are. celebrate  Llove
in every way you can imagine.

Via the Internet,  we will soon be celebrating globally
because soon, millions of us
all at the same time, will be focusing on
giving and receiving Llove.

Learn about the
huge benefits
collective focus
on celebrating Llove
for everyone!

* * * SIX
Join  The Llove-celebration  Creation Team
You are invited to work/ play with us as we create
our global level celebration system.
Here's why:
Because working with us, as part of our team,
is the best possible job you could ever have.  
Examine the evidence at:

* * * SEVEN

Breathing FEEL-GOOD-Vibrations~
A 5hD Master Manifestation
We begin by creating
un-attached  Feel-Good Feelings.
Then we slip our desires into the feel-good feelings,
all the while, completely  ignoring all low vibration,
negative thoughts and feelings.

Welcome to the Fifh Dimension.

* * * EIGHT
Emotional Satisfaction or Higher~
Staying at least One Step Above Emotional Neutral

* * * NINE
We have
The Perfect Plan to FUND EVERYTHING.
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
Read a Summary at:

* * * TEN
Based on  extensive research, on  Working-Wisdom . and
much help from other Galactic civilizations,
we have developed
a completely functional Action Plan
for leading Humanity into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

The Masters Detailed Plan

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

* * * ELEVEN
We  have  both of the
two vitally needed components
for altering mass consciousness.
1)   Single Point of Focus
      Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

Mutual Cooperation~  
         Humans will begin  to live lives of
         Peace,  Joy,   Llove,   and   Abundance for All
         as soon as we choose to
cooperate with each other
         and to collectively
focus our attention on a single goal.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

* * *   TWELVE

We have an extensive explanation of
the evidence-based truth
about the nature of reality

The Physics of Consciousness   
How the Universe Functions

The Final Cycle Breaker
This is a path for truly dedicated students of Self-Awareness.
Take this path and you will succeed,
but it's real challenge, because
AI is still secretly running everything
and there is no evidence that this will change any time soon.

* * *   FOURTEEN
Join the  We-The-People Advisory Council,
Because the general public presently
has no collective voice in anything,
We are building a
We-The-People Advisory Council,.

Because of your mastery and your level of commitment to
creating our new, Service to All
social structure
We want you on the Council..

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

* * *   FIFTEEN

We have literally billions of people
waiting for guidance.

they want to help,    but, most people   
They have no idea of what to do.

We have that guidance available,
Right Now, Today.
Begin at:
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove at:


Then apply the  world's, absolutely
best way to be of Service to others.
The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove

The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove is the most fun of all.
Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.


We have put
the previously ignored Teachings of Jesus

back into Christianity,
and both proven and demonstrated
that Universal Spirituality and The Teaching of Jesus
both give us the same basic massage.
Conscious Christianity~

 *  * *   EIGHTEEN
We have designed a new, win/win  business structure
which serves
and completely eliminates the need to tax anybody
for anything ever again.
     In this new 5th D. system,
     the profits that used to go to the super wealthy
     now go to We-The-People
Read a Summary / Overview at:

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

Can we get serious for a moment?

We are completely ignoring
The Ultimate and Urgent Worthy Cause.

We Are FAILING to Prevent an Easily Avoidable,
but otherwise inevitable massive multi-level disaster
   Continue to ignore this looming disaster,
        Continue to do nothing,    and
              a trillion-Dollar Disaster
                   is inevitable ! ! !

Are you ready for The Big Surprise?

* * * *   TWENTY
The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.
This is a
False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
a major, false beliefs about our life on Earth.

* * *   TWENTY ONE

A visionary's Vision
What does The Future hold for EarthHumanity

* * *    TWENTY TWO
And we haven't even yet mentioned ,
we have a delightful program called
Fifth-Dimension Sensuality / Fifth-Dimension SEX
Are you ready for
the amazing and intense joys
of sharing sensuality and sexuality
while holding Fifth Dimension Consciousness?
Explore our websites.
When you are ready, it's available.
You will find it if you choose to look for it.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

Blessing  Be Llove
Robert Cote'   aka    Aum FahZoom

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C S 18-06-22

Welcome to 
Theee. . .



We Have discovered
   the open doorway
       to freedom and
            to abundance for All.

Learn about
huge benefits
          that our 
collective focus
                on celebrating Llove
for everyone!  

Join us monthly at each Full Moon
as we celebrate life and Llove..

No matter where you are,
focus your attention on giving Llove.
This will add your
Creative Life Energy
to our Collective Well-Being
When enough of us focus on giving Llove
all at the same time,
we will fully  manifest our new , Fifth Dimension
Service to All  social structure.

Invite your family and friends.   
Share this with everyone.

When you are ready to see
your personal perceptions of reality
inside of the grander context of Universal Reality,
interview our Team Leader
regarding the interplay among
*   The global-level, creation power of
     Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove

*   The amazing, personal-life-changing-power of
     The  First Lost Secret  of 
   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

*   Learn how, with joy, fun, and excitement,
     every one of us can provide
     a powerful service to all of humanity.

After 30 years of intense study,
research, and explorations into
The Nature of Reality,
I/We find that Reality is vastly different from
what we have been led to believe it is
by the  Cabal criminals
who pretend to be
our social, religious and political leaders.

RE:  To anybody willing to learn:
I am ready, willing, able, and prepared
to expose the world to
*  the practical application of  and
*   a vast, new, day-to-day, understanding of
the rules of Fifth Dimension Reality..

Thank you, 
Robert Cote'   aka    Aum FahZoom


What we have left is Lessons learned,
and new ways to self-express.

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Site 30   Adventures in Consciousness
Home Page
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C S 18-06-22


You Are Invited to Join Us   



Here's Why:   
      Fifth Dimension Life 
            Is an     
                   Incredibly Creative,
                        Infinitely Powerful,
                              Grand Adventure
                                    of Becoming
                                          whomever and whatever
                                                 you choose to become

Our Websites are designed
to wake people up,
to demonstrate that  life is not what you've been led to believe it is.

Our  Websites  and our support  team
will introduce you to
the Absolute Best,   and  the Most-Joy-Filled Path
to Freedom,   to Joy,   to Llove,   and to Abundance
in every aspect of your life.

We will guide you into the  The New Normal
*   Physically  -- The Service to All~ Social Structure.
*   Mentally  --  I am Enough.   I am Worthy, Deserving, Llovable.
*   Spiritually  --   The Universal Physics of      
                             Fifth Dimension Consciousness




C S 18-06-22

Where to Begin    



Adventures into Fifth Dimension  Consciousness
is a college-level course in in
How to Play The Life on Earth Game  
and play it at the  level of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

There's nothing   magic about 5th D. C. 
It's not an  instantaneous jump.  
You cannot learn everything in a single day
or even in a single week.

It's  a flow, an expansion of your consciousness
It's a learning process in which both
your understanding and your abilities grow.  

Because everything is intimately interconnected
with everything else,
each new piece will add clarity
to what you already know.
It will  expand your picture, (your understanding)
 of who and what you really are.

Figure on about three months
to establish a working understanding of the basics.   

Your biggest challenge will be unlearning
all the false beliefs  that have been
secretly plugged into your conscious
 and your subconscious  mind.

If you decide to stay with us,
we suggest that you
point your focus of attention on
The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Why?   Because it's also the easiest, the simplest, and
the least threatening entry point into
our  Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program.




C S 18-06-22



TLC-life-Center's Primary Web Pages  

We Have Exactly What the World Needs Today
      Learn about
huge benefits
collective focus
                       on celebrating Llove
for everyone!  
                                    Join us each full moon
                                            as we celebrate life and Llove.
                                                  Invite your family and friends.   
                                                         Share this with everyone

***   Are You Looking for Llove?~   Here's How to find it.
        Learn The First Lost Secret of
        The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

***   You are invited to participants in  The Family of 777.
        We are setting up the Fifth Dimension version of
        We-The-People Advisory Council~
         We want you to be a part of the Council.

***   Here's a Source of Money for All Lightworkers

***   The Master's Detailed Plan~
        For Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness~

       Our Plan/Program is designed to wake people up and - 
        to demonstrate that  life is not what you've been led to believe it is
        by those who claim to know!

***   The Ultimate Urgency -- A Critical Disaster Prevention
         Continue to ignore this looming disaster,
                  Continue to do nothing,    and
                           a trillion-Dollar Disaster
                                     is inevitable ! ! !

***   Mutual Cooperation~    and     a single point of fcus
        The Path to Freedom and Abundance
         Humans will begin  to live lives of
         Peace,  Joy,   Llove,   and   Abundance for All
         as soon as we choose to cooperate with each other
          and to collectively focus our attention on a single goal.

***   Conscious Christianity~
        Learn how the previously ignored Teachings of Jesus
        match the Physics of Consciousness and Universal Spirituality.

***   How to Wakeup Humanity
        We begin with something that invokes
        human  internal feelings of joy and Llove.

***   The Great Awakening~   From    Q-anon 
        Watch this 13-minute video  
        "The Plan to Save the World."

***   How to Prepare for the Now Inevitable and unavoidable
        Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY
       Overview at:

        Full Details at:  

***   Sensual Delights Network~
        Learn the truth about the ignored power, the ignored purposes,
        and the previously hidden joys in human sexual expressions.
        Learn why and how Fifth Dimension sex is
        God-Goddess expressing his/her Godhood.

***   Marijuana Meditation~
        Normal meditation  opens the door to your God-Self.
        Marijuana Meditation  knocks the walls down.

*** Are You  Interested in Street  Protests?
       If so, you'd be  wise to read his page  

***   Llove Is the Ultimate Weapon of War~
        We do not usually think of Llove s a weapon, however,
        when facing the potential of being attacked,
        Llove is the ultimate, unbeatable weapon.    

***   Here's why choosing to learn
        The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
        And then, working with us as part of our team
        is the best possible job you could ever have. 

***   A Visionary's Vision~
See the collective future of Earth Humans

***   Are you ready for The Big Surprise?~
        The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.
        This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
         an evidence-based
truth that will completely shatter
         a major, false belief about your life on Earth.

***   Content List of All the Web Pages in the Online Book,
       Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness




C S 18-06-22








C S 18-06-22




Let us begin with a simple basic truth.

For each of us, our understanding of
The Nature of Earth-Plane Reality

is based upon our level of knowledge.

Are you aware that there are vast amounts of information
that you simply don't yet know?

Knowledge/ information/ consciousness is
the king, the ruler, the ultimate controller.

As each new piece of information
comes into our consciousness,
our perception, our understanding  
of what constitutes reality

changes, expands, and grows bigger. 
In this evolutionary process, 
we each see Earth-life in our own unique way.

We encourage you to
look at each piece of new information with an open mind.
Examine each piece of evidence before saying,
"This is impossible." 
Ask yourself and then answer these four questions:
"How do I know what I claim to know?"
"How do I know what is possible and what isn't?"
"Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?
"What Am I not seeing here?"

Are you preparing for The New Normal?
If not, now is the time to begin getting ready.. 
Because Earth humanity is in the process of
creating /shifting into
a vastly-expanded  understanding of reality.

If you are wise, you will prepare yourself.
If you do, you will be joyously with us
at the head of this shift in consciousness
rather that being grudgingly dragged along in the tail.

The change from
our present-day, very limited understanding of reality
Full fifth Dimension Consciousness

is dramatic, breath-taking,
and so far beyond most people's understanding
that the first reaction is
"This can't be real.  The author must be crazy."

We request that you view our websites
from the perspective of The Beginners Mind.
Don't believe any of this.    Don't disbelieve it either.
Hold judgment until your level of knowledge is expanded by the evidence.

Reference:   http:///          Believability




R. F.     18-03-16

About-the Author-Creator-of--


Robert Cote' 
aka  Robin Aum FahZoom  

I Hold a conscious connection to my Soul-Self.
Thus together, I am/ we are a Visionary. 

I am, we are a 5th-Dimension Guide and Trainer.
I am/we are a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer.    See an Example

We are here on Earth to participate in
the first ever-

Re-Birth of an Entire Planet.

My Job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and to
create prototype designs

that people can choose to use
to build their new 5th-D. world.

May I introduce myself:

I AM/ We Are:
***   Author of
        Adventures  In  Consciousness~    

***   I/We created  the basic design for
        The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge~   

***   Let us show you how the previously ignored teachings of Jesus,
        The Physics of Consciousness   and   Universal Spirituality
         all giving us the same message.
        Conscious Christianity~

***   I am/ we are the originator and designer of

         all seven on FahZoom Town's Districts (aka Specialty Teams).
         FahZoom Town~   

***   Let us show you the pathway to
        Fifth Dimension Consciousness~

***   I/We designed the world's best business structure,
        a Foundation/Corporation-Partnership
that can
         completely eliminate the need to tax anybody for anything.
         5d Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

***   I am we are the psychological-archaeologist,
       the discoverer of,  and  the author of
       The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~    Llove
        Source-Creator is teaching
        The Personality-Self  about Llove.
        I am honored to be a Fifth Dimension
        Life-Coach /  Love-Coach /  Consultant ~

***   I/We are participators in creating our new future.
        Soon, millions of us will be 
        Living, Lloving , Learning,
       Teaching, Practicing, and Celebrating
       The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~    Llove   

***   I/We designed and Created the concept of
       Full-Moon Llove Celebrations of Life and Llove~   

***   I am / we are teachers of Marijuana-Meditation-

***   I am / we are the investigators  who solved 
        The Antarctica Ice-Wall-Mystery~

***   I am / we are  gifted with  highly Creative Imagination
        I am/we are a Visionary's Vision
        A visionary's Vision~

***   I/We write universal Truths in an entertaining format

       Example 1  Interview with the devil.
       Example 2   Yoni-Dance Book trilogy~

To read a brief description of
the above-listed websites,   
find them at     


About-the-Book's Author-Creator

    Are you aware that
    when we reach full
    Fifth Dimension Consciousness,~
     we can adjust our physical form
    in any way we choose.   

Robert/-1969       Robert-1969    

    This picture was taken in 1969.  
    It is a close approximation of
    what I will look like in
    my full Fifth Dimension form.   

   I AM,  
   A Student of Becoming.

    I choose to become
    a role model,
    and an example
    of a human being
    living on Earth as a
    Human Christos

    I have great fun
    being an 
    guiding the way
    out of a grapefruit and

Adventures  In  Consciousness
Is a Work in Process

Everything on the
Family of Websites
was written by your
guide and way-shower
Robert Cote' 
aka  Robin Aum FahZoom. 

A year after  my
Cabal-induced crash of 2015,
I was able to begin  
rebuilding my life
and my websites.
I restarted with 
as close to nothing
as one could have
and still be functional.

Putting the main content of
Adventures In  5d Consciousness,
into online, content-interactive format  took about
four years of intense  work
and learning vast new vistas of consciousness under adverse circumstances.  

It's still far from complete.  
You'll find many pages
that are obviously incomplete.  

Today, June 2019,
new information is coming to me
so fast and so frequently
that it's impossible for me
to get it all online
in presentable format
without assistance.  

Much of my old formatting
requires updating, and significant pieces are not yet back online.   Because much of my writing
is published unedited, you'll find
an over-abundance of typos. 

For a regular progress report
regarding where we are and
what is needed next, please go to
Cosmic Shift -- A Work in Process.      



C S 18-06-222




All five of the TLC-Life-Center Websites
were built for viewing with the Firefox browser.

Our five websites were well into their creation process,
when I discovered that 
if you are viewing our websites using Chrome  or Internet Explorer,
the pages may show up as normal,but,
very likely will appear to be screwed up,
*   Changes in font size, 
*   Excessive bold,
*   Excessive underlining, 
*   Double letters at the end of words,
*   Blocks of text repeated or missing, and
*   Major pieces of text may be completely missing. 

 I am one person,
*  working alone,
*   with NO editor or other physical assistance,
*   with zero financial support,
*   using a horribly dysfunction website builder.

*  My personal living environment is very dysfunctional.
*   I am still recovering from 
     severe, psychological abuse as a child.
*   I am seriously visually-handicapped
     and old enough to have great, great grandchildren.
*   For years, my work, my life,  and my writings have regularly 
     being interfered with by Cabal agents.

Why all  the problems?  
Because the TLC-Life-Center website contents contain
incredibly powerful anti-Cabal truths.

For best results,
please read our websites with Firefox.
Ignore the typos,
ignore the screwed up formatting,
read for content.

     ///   ///

Adieu to the Cabal:
To the Cabal and all your partners in crime,
with compassion and forgiveness~ we say:
     I/We and the rest of Earth humanity,
     we bid you adieu forever.  
     We know we are shifting into
     the Divine world of Joy, Llove, and abundance for All.

Your future is quite the opposite of ours.
Get ready.  You and your fellow fools
are about to begin to experience
thousands of years on the receiving end of
what you have done to us.
Here in musical format are our final words to you.
You don't matter any more.  







C S 18-06-22


Adventures into Consciousness
The First Book   Ever Published in



Compare Third Dimension Books to Fifth Dimension Books:

The moment a 3rd D. book leaves the author's hands
on way to the publisher,
it is fixed, immobile, and
It can no longer be adjusted, updated, and corrected.
No new information can ever be added.
It Is Dead.   Dead.  

In sharp contrast,
a book in 5d style and format is ALIVE!  
It's as alive as its Author-Creator
It's changeable, renewable, dynamic.  
It can be can be adjusted, adapted,
updated, and corrected
as new information becomes available.    

Are you aware  that
"Adventures In 5d Consciousness"
The First Book   Ever Published in
in Fifth Dimension Style and Format.

The TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites 
are alive, dynamic,  ever-changing, ever-growing.  
There is no end to creativity, to growth, to expansion.
and to the content of this book.

Consider the topic of references.
A 3rd D. book has references to other 3rd D. books.
If you wand to read the reference book,
you must go somewhere, and find the other book
before you can access its information.

In our 5th D book, to find the additional information,
You click the link and listen to the expert on your topic
as he or she tells / explains to you what you want to learn

TLC-Life-Center's five seemingly simple websites are guides,
taking viewers from
Awareness to Wisdom to Self-Mastery.  

The TLC-Life-Center's Cosmic Awareness training Program,
including our Family of Websites,
offers you huge amounts of information,
numerous,  new truths, thousands of references
all in a 5d style and format.   
Our websites offer paths to awakening that  far exceeds
the capacity of physical books.

The information pages provided
on these websites hold  
The Core Truths
required for us to become 
free sovereign human beings.

The information is backed up with undeniable evidence.

For those who have questions,
one-on-one, personal
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services
are available. 

This priceless gift of awareness exposes viewers
to the multi-dimensional nature of humanity.
Its thoroughness, its ease of understanding,
its simplicity, its massive comprehension
are way beyond the capacity 
of other information sources.

And one other note:  
When the original author exits physical form,  
the book remains in the hands of
those with equal talent and so,
the books continue to be alive and dynamic
until the usefulness of offering information
in book formats
has expired.     

Here's Our Challenge:
     If you can show us a better path
     to Truth, Freedom, and Joy,
     show it to us.  
We'll take it!
      If you can show or tell us anything simpler,
      faster, or more fun, we're listening!. 

Follow any of the links~ 
on this page or here and here and here.
you'll soon see.
If you're wise,
you'll also experience
The TLC-Life-Center Team has to offer. 

Also become aware of our